EXP: Gamer Hub - Oculus RIft VR Interview

Gamer Hub - Oculus RIft VR Interview

See the Oculus Rift in action.

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For all the harping on the Escapist about how the Oculus Rift will be the pinnacle of gaming innovation I am shocked to see that 9 hours later nobody has so much as made a comment on this thread sans me.

Personally I don't know how wide spread this tech will be.
It can just as easily be an even worse gimmick than people are calling the Wii's motion controls.

I also hope they took heavy notes from the Virtual Boy which attempted to somewhat do what the Oculus is doing right now and failed miserably.

It could be a very cheap alternative to an expensive monitor, that's always a plus. I am enthusiastic about this device, but I am worried my inability to watch 3D may preclude me from buying it.

Even without binocular vision, you still have the relatively large field-of-view and the freedom to look around naturally.

(...incidently, some, over at the Oculus developer forums, have speculated around the idea of using these el-cheapo HMDs for treatment of various forms of stereopsis deficiency, using existing and more "let's-see-what-sticks" training techniques (such as excluding parts of a scene, in one eye), but one should not hope too much for anything to come out of that -- there are fortunately proper eye doctors around, to ground everybody in reality and also to remind that one *can* probably do more damage than good, if one do not know what one is doing. :7 EDIT: Some report promising results from trying training against amblyopia, using similar rigs, though: https://developer.oculusvr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=40&t=826&sid=7457be8096a7466f0d270db396b3c5a2)

If you are not a developer, you'll definitely want to wait for the consumer model though, which will not only have slightly (...sorely needed) higher resolution, but most likely also translational motion tracking (...which will hopefully be part in helping mitigating motion sickness, which is a common problem) (the devkit only does rotational tracking, so you can't lean around corners, or over ledges, or crouch, or such), and yet more likely; adjustable lens positions, so that you can fit the head-mounted display to your own measurements.

But; Anyone who is genuinely interested and sitting on the fence, should check out this map: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?msid=216080568301080371629.0004d6d217a93e60f7cc6&msa=0&ll=11.867351,13.007813&spn=137.495385,346.289063, to check whether they share hometown with any one of those Rift owners who are kind enough to offer to demo their units.


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