Dark Review - C-Grade Vampire Noir

Dark Review - C-Grade Vampire Noir

Apparently, vampires aren't all that sneaky.

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All this game did for me was make me go play Vampire the Masquerade:Bloodlines again. It could been a great game but I think the devs allowed the scope of the game to grow to much. They should of focused on less powers and more interesting stealth levels and a better story.

Damn, I was really excited about this one. Come on, guys, Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines was almost nine years ago; we need another good vampire game!

From the review and the screenshots, the game moans 'DULLLLLLLLLLL' like a mass-produced church bell.


The lousy animation had already put me off, but I guess I was still kinda hoping it might be good.

Damn When i read the game description on its steam page i wishlisted it for later. I might still get it though only after its gone down to the 10-5 dollar range.

Thanks for the review. Just been and removed it from my Steam wishlist. Glad I waited to see if the price got slashed before buying it :-)

I don't get why devs don't get the idea that stealth has to be done well if at all. *Sigh* well another mediocre game in the proverbial sea of blech.

After watching a play through of it. I mean it isn't the worst game but yeah it neither really grips you.

Even the powers that are supposed to be cool just are hindered by its severely limited uses. That and why use those skills if you can just kick everybodies ass with shadowfist. Yup as long as there are not to many you can take them all out by fist.

So no... it is a game where the vampirism doesn't adds anything. Remember Dishonored? Yeah well it aint that. Neither is it Thief. It just is rather bland :!

And again the vampirism powers really add NOTHING to do. Hell the whole vampirism is doing nothing. I remember in vampire the masquarare: bloodlines that your powers we're awesome! Really awesome, celerity would give you superspeed, and they meant it. Obfuscation turned you into an invisible killer, guess what it worked! You really played to get to 5 points of your most liked vampire ability. And you loved playing certain clans just to get access to some awesome abilities.

I mean obfuscate exists in Dark but is anemic. Many of the vampire powers are just copies out of Dishonored! There is no fun list of things you can do. There is no reason to replay it either! What for the full stealth bonus? Really?

No, this games remembers you go to back to Thief. Dishonored and yes VtM: bloodlines!

captcha: room for activities .. not in this game!


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