Escapist News Now: Cosplay of Comic-Con 2013

Cosplay of Comic-Con 2013

Escapist News Now brings you some of the best cosplay from San Diego Comic-Con.

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Sorry guys, but really bad video in my honest opinion.. If the purpose is to show the costumes, don't just flash them for like 3 seconds and overdo intense close ups. We want to see the costumes lol

I wouldn't mind knowing what the music is which was used in this video.

Oh and great Spaceballs outfits.

I think what I don't like about CCSD cosplay is its the same year to year. I mean if you labeled this Cosplay-2012, or Cosplay-2014 or shit, cosplay-2008, could anyone really tell the difference?! I'm not sure I could! Sure some characters are new, but then again we can always call them fan-made characters and move on. Don't get me wrong, I love cosplayers. But I can go online and Google cosplay any time I want. I don't need a yearly update.

I prefer the video format to the picture gallery format from previous events. Approve!

I prefer the video format to the picture gallery format from previous events. Approve!

Mmmm I'd still say that I prefer pictures to videos when it comes to cosplays, it means proper clear high-res pictures instead of having to hit the pause button on a shoddy video. The problem is the way Escapist handles viewing/organizing the pictures, it's a pile of shit. Moving to the next photo is a new link which forces the whole page to reload, and there's no way to quickly glance all the photos as thumbnails on the first page and just click on one to expand (or better, direct link to full jpg in a new tab).

Awesome Bebop, Rocksteady and Inspector Gadget.

SPACEBALLS! Well, there goes the con.

Australians are people too.

I love that guy.

Not enough hot gurls, escapist I am dissapoint.

I only can add my voice to the others:


I hope they don't sell yogurt!

I know it's supposed to be Halo, but come on. War Pigs are so much cooler!


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