EXP: GamerHub - FireFly Online SDCC Trailer

GamerHub - FireFly Online SDCC Trailer

Now you can really aim to misbehave.

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I'm looking forward to the inevitable ships named S3r3nity, F1refly, etc...
And characters like MAL-WARE, or Br0wnC0at or R1v3r.
Just what the world needs; more online play!

I'm planning to name myself Jayne S. Addiction, because it works on two levels

Shame this isn't coming to a console or PC but I guess that's how it goes; smaller devs with these less mainstream licences just can't afford the production cost of those higher end platforms. You should see the amount of people whining about it being a mobile game.

Good thing I have an I-pad. Could be an awesome little distraction if it turns out good. I always wanted a Firefly game.

Just a warning to people, and nothing against the developers, they make the games they make, but this is going to be a mobile/facebook style game, so don't get your hopes up. They could have done something amazing with it, it makes me sad that this is all the franchise gets.

You should see the amount of people whining about it being a mobile game.

To be fair, they aren't wrong. Firefly has a loyal cult following. It doesn't need to have a ton of money injected into it to make it an sandbox/eve-esque style game. Making it a mobile/facebook type game is just a kick in the teeth to the fans that were already down.

The Firefly setting has the potential to be everything in a game I ever wanted and more.

However, this trailer tells me that they don't have any idea how they're going to make it yet.

Vaporware. Calling it now.

There was rumours of this in the MMO scene about three years ago, so it turns out to be a mobile game then.

Consider my curiosity piqued.

I liked Firefly so I'll give it a chance.


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