Feed Dump: Van Dump 2: Revengeance

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As always the first two things Alex does make me laugh. "Derpy" and "Actually legit not okay with this."

Also, isn't Alex older than both Jer and Tally? How are they his parents? Time loop?

Wait.... WAIT!!!! What was the hat of the week that other better sources of news don't have!?

What hat? what hat? what hat? what hat? what hat?

WAIT! Horse head hat! Whew, I'm ok now.

No, no, no, the hat this week was the Feed Dump crew, it was worn by the moose.


Also, why would you take a horse mask with you on a road trip?

I'm concerned about the fact that it didn't look like Kathleen was wearing a seatbelt. She leapt over the seat to "get" Jer too facilely, imo.

At the same time, I never wear a seatbelt on public transit and I never wore a seatbelt in any of the taxi rides I took while I was living in New York City. And some of those were kinda long. The inconsistency is strange.

Also, why would you take a horse mask with you on a road trip?

Why wouldn't you?

I hope there's a Loading Time where they do one of their "Let's do funny things during rest stops/breaks" things they normally do on road trips.


I would love to have such newspapers here in Germany! ... maybe I should check before I say that we don't have them ... brb!

Aside from that: So no Feed Dump next week? :(


Might be not printed and not ment seriously but it still is awesome

Holy fucking damn, thank you so much! This site is even better than Onion.

Oh my gods, a Morphine reference.

Is this what joy feels like?

So, half of them don't wear seatbelts but they all die? Seatbelts:Mythbusted!

As a proud owner of a minivan, I'd like to point out that the "across the chest" seat belts are only on the sides of the seats, while whoever is sitting in the middle has only the one that goes around your lap, kinda like those shitty wooden roller coasters.

Trisha Lynn:
Why wouldn't you?


Great episode as always guys. In quite an amusing coincidence my labtop died directly after Graham said "lets finish this before we run out of gas". Though, I am highly disappointed that it was not spelled sir Isaac μton.

I still think that Van Dump sounds like an unfortunate Dutch surname.

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