No Right Answer: Who Would Win Fan Submissions

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Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw vs Bob "Moviebob" Chipman... At critiquing.

Thats boring, make them run a gladiator course.

Unstoppable Force vs Immovable Object
Dance contest

Q vs Discord
Yu-Gi-Oh card game

Rockbiters vs Gorons
Space race to the moon

The Tick vs Crimson Chin
Limbo Contest




3 things:

1: Same God different interpretations of what he wants.

2: Please stop being offensive towards religion. If atheists really want to prove they are better, then they need to learn to be tolerant towards everyone else as well. Otherwise, you make the same mistakes that *some* religious people make.

3: I'm Christian and I don't begrudge your or anyone else's beliefs because it teaches us in Romans 14:12-13 "So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God. Therefore let us stop passing judgment on one another. Instead, make up your mind not to put any stumbling block or obstacle in the way of a brother or sister". Go in peace and believe what you want to believe.

OT: Zeus vs Thor - who can power the largest city?

Since i have been playing Civ5 recently this is a good match up. Thor would be able to power a large city with electricity but Jesus would increase the happiness by turning water into wine and giving out free food. hmmmm.... tough choice.

lol I said Zeus vs Thor, but your match up has some validity. How much power can Jesus make through miracles (most of them were pretty small scale, if I remember, except Sermon on the Mount) vs Thor's ability to charge an electric grid.

lol well I can't read. Wow how did i miss that.
I that fight I would have to go with Thor because Zeus does have power over lighting. His bolts are weapon made for him, were as Thor can actual command lighting.

Who would win, Mewtwo or the Ghost Busters as mediums to Hitler's Ghost?

Chris Vs Kyle: Fan-fiction. They can both pick the topics.

Have fun!

Darth Vader


John Wayne


Magic The Gathering

Godzilla vs Gamera

in an Origami competition or alternatively, Jenga.


Exactly. We bronies are mostly 20-30-something men, a few of which are in various military organizations; Beliebers are typically pre-teen girls who've rarely (if ever) picked up and/or used a gun. Unless they find a way to weaponize Lisa Frank notebooks, the Beliebers would be fucked.

OT: Steve Austin vs. Dwayne Johnson in a slapfight. No wrestling, punching, kicking, etc. Only slapping.

Jim Sterling vs. Ben Croshaw in a rhyme-off.

Jesus Christ vs. Megatron: Who Could Avoid Their Betrayal(s) Best.

Gilbert Gottfried vs. Bobcat Goldthwait in hosting a cooking show.

Who would win: Megaman VS Samus AT Pattycake

Link VS Gordon Freeman AT miming

Sean Penn VS Russel Crowe IN a paparazzi beatdown

The Cast of Dragon Ball Z VS the Cast of Dragon Ball Z Abridged IN a death match

The Terminator VS Robocop IN a break dancing competition

Doctor Who VS Doctor Emmett Brown AS a lecturer for temporal theory


Who would win?

christian god vs muslim god

in creating stupid people

Christian God, because at least his people have generally stopped killing people in His name. Or because someone says something bad about Him. Or because someone looked at them funny. Or because it was Tuesday.

Wouldn't that be a loss though? Assuming you think the more personal killings are stupidity, as opposed to simply sanctioning extermination via enforced ignorance (personally, I call it a draw)... but I digress.
The contest clearly makes a winner out of the god that creates more stupid people.



Just so we're clear, bronies would definitely defeat Beliebers as we already have our own soldiers:

...and our own weapons:

Just throwin' that out there.

I was gonna say.... I'm not too familiar with the Belieber scene, but I doubt there are many military trained, combat experienced, heavily armed people among them. Quality combatants and equipment would go a lot further than sheer numbers in a hypothetical WWIII. Hell, I'm familiar enough with the ponies that I'd offer to train their nonmilitary folks in basic marksmanship. Then I'd watch the Belieber trenches with binoculars and popcorn.

I suppose for my addition I'll go with...

Huey Freeman (from the Boondocks) vs. Walter Sobchak (from the Big Lebowski) seducing an aging New York businesswoman.

Marilyn Monroe vs Angelina Jolie in
a beard growing competition

the Epic Rap Battles of History crew vs the Epic Mealtime crew in
a Lincoln-Douglas style debate over the merits of an independent Palestinian state

Judge Judy vs Judge Dread in
The Kentucky Derby

Miley Cirus vs The Bebier in
a bear knuckle cage match to the death

Godzilla vs Bambi in
who can make the best ad to raise environmental awareness

Saruman vs Voldemort in
Iron Chef battle turnip

Batman vs Wolverine @ Babysitting (if you wish, the baby can be Spawn who's been turned into an infant)

Austin Powers vs The Ladies Man @ being a good wingman...

Arnold Schwartzenegger vs Sylvester Stallone @ a spelling bee contest

Billy Crystal vs Mr. Miyagi @ antique shopping (for PROFIT!!!)

Lindzay Lohan vs Britny Spears @ Miley Cyrus' intervention

Tom Cruise vs Jack Nicolson @ "winning" (as judged by Charlie Sheen)

The Great JT:

Doink the Clown vs. Bozo The Clown
Contest: Party Clowning. Who can keep kids entertained at a birthday party better?

I think that would go to:
Doctor Rockso The Rock and Roll Clown!
(he crashes the party and everyone there)
Also he does cocaine, A LOT of cocaine.

Metal Gear REX vs ED 209
In a Knitting contest.

Mr. Rogers vs Gandhi
In a contest of World Domination.

Dante (Devil May Cry) Vs Dante (Dante's Inferno) at ... parallel parking a 1964 Mercedes Benz 600 (W100).
El Presidente (Tropico 4) vs Silvio Berlusconi at ... competitive ferret breeding.
The Boss (Saints Row) vs Rico Rodriguez (Just Cause) at ... setting up a HD recorder and recording an episode of Game Of Thrones on it.
Parker (Red Faction) vs The Worms (Worms games) at ... building a shed.

My mind has been blown to the fact my fan submission was even mentioned....


I wish I could think of another but I guess I would've mentioned it in my previous post, my mind can't think of anything better I want to hear, or.... yeah.... my mind is blown.... Its hard to think right now....

Who Would Win?
Invisible Gandhi vs. Kirby in an eating contest.

Skeletor Vs. Batman in a pie eating contest.

Ronald Reagan Vs. Morgan Freeman in who can unjam a copy machine first.


Bronies would win that war. Why? Bronies in the military, that's why. We already HAVE trained soldiers, while I'm pretty sure most bebier fans aren't even old enough to drive.


Sonic and Tails VS Mario and Luigi, at poker, with the guy from Shatter Hand (NES game) dealing (cause why not?)

Predaking in dragon mode(Transformers Prime) VS The Omega Weapon (Final Fantasy) at competitive line dancing.

John-117 (Master Chief) VS Captain America, who can knit the best afghan!

one more Transformers one

Megatron and Sound Wave VS Optimus Prime and Bumble Bee (All Transformers Prime versions), combination Rap Battle and Break dance competition, With Arcee rocken the turntables, of course.

The Loading ready Runners versus the third street saints in a dance-off.

Dr. Watts (from To the Moon) vs Ezio Auditore da Firenze at stand-up comedy.

Who would win Forever?
Batman vs Pinkie Pie.

James Cameron vs Roland Emmerich

in a lumberjack-contest.

(captcha: chuck norris . . . hm?)

Prospero vs. Gandalf

At best staff.

also, this made me laugh sufficiently more than usual from anything consumed prior to this moment... Likely due to lack of sleep.


CAPTCHA: come what may

May come what you will, robot.

Bronies can own anything!!!

here's one: USA vs Japan in a wrestling match (no holds barred)

Dethklok vs Detroit Metal City in a Top Gear cheap second hand car challenge

Yoshi vs Kirby at officiating a pie eating contest.

Pontius Pilate vs George Washington
Sand eating contest

All of Russia vs All of France
Rock Paper Scissors in the center of the earth.

Duke Nukem vs Doom Guy
Screaming contest

You regards to that "Beliebers vs. Bronies in WWIII" one...

We actually DO have Bronies in the military now!

So yeah...Bronies have the upper hand here.

CAPTCHA: you win IS my country's Air Force, so technically you are right, Captcha.

Eh, it's actually a tougher matchup than one would realize. On one hand, you have a notable number of Bronies in the military who know how to fuck shit up. On the other hand, Bronies have far more non-violent members than Beliebers. Beliebers don't have to worry about any of their members holding back, whereas some Bronies (myself included) would stick to non-violence.

The question would boil down to the military Bronies' immense capabilities needing to offset the number of active Beliebers. Imho, I think the Beliebers would win it with their strength in numbers.

I think we all know Superman can't ride a horse.

I think we all know Superman can't ride a horse.

Dude, that is messed up.

...I love it.


Travis Touchdown


Scott Pilgrim

Contest: Street Fighter 2

Bill Nye the science guy
Charles Xavier

Home/House Design/Decorations

Oderus Urungus vs Marshall "Duh" Staxx at speed dating


Gilbert wins hands down:

I'd buy it.

Bronies vs Homestuck fans: Cosplay contest

Whovians vs Trekkies: Cooking contest

Rule 34 or fanfiction: which ruins your childhood faster?

I thought Rule 34 and fan fiction overlap all too often to make something horrifying, so it's no contest.


GG Allin vs. Rob Zombie
in writing and directing a children's TV program

Rob Zombie has the edge here, as he used to work on Peewee's Playhouse.

i am pretty sure the helen keller thing was in my cards against humanity recently.

Bayonetta vs Dante

go fish



Hold on I got more.
Who would win?
Gilbert Gottfried
Kristen Stewart

At... A dramatic reading.

That one could be serious if it were Morgan Freeman vs Patrick Stewart

True, but that's hardly funny.

How about Morgan Freeman Vs Patrick Stewart
Who would do a better impression of the other one?

Now there's some comedy.

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