Escapist News Now: Tomb Raider Sequel Confirmed For Next-Gen

Tomb Raider Sequel Confirmed For Next-Gen

Publisher Square Enix has confirmed that their reboot of the popular Tomb Raider series will be getting a sequel on next-generation consoles.

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I never got around to playing the new Tomb Raider but I like the sentiment of doing the sequel a little differently, not every game can sell as well as COD or have that same fanbase, how hard is it to realize that tacking on multiplayer won't change that? You don't need to dump massive amounts of resources into a game to make it good, especially when doing so almost guarantees a profit loss.

Sounds good to me. There were some issues with the game (like not really getting enough time to know the rest of the Endurance crew to actually care that much when some of them were killed off), but it was still great. Now that we have been introduced to Lara (again) and seen her encounter some strange stuff (mostly towards the end of the game) hopefully the next game will see gathering up some unusual artifacts and heading off the explore some long-forgotten parts of the world like the ruins of Atlantis or the set of The Thing.

Oh, and the mansion. Got to have Lara's mansion as the tutorial area at least. She may be all dark and gritty now, but she's still got to live in her big mansion right?

Oh look, another game to go on the waitlist for a new Steam sale!

(Started playing the reboot, need time to play more.)

Great news that there's a sequel, but too bad I'll have to wait for this 'next gen' business. At least the new console hardware won't lag behind gaming PCs as badly then.

This is good news as long as there is less Gears of Lara and more raiding of tombs. And no multiplayer. Just make a good game where the protagonist has lovely hair.

NO QTE and more Exploring/ Puzzling, please. Other than that, fine with me.

Oh, and just think how amazing her hair will look now!

...why do we still care about realistic hair, again?

Well, so long as this feels more like.. you know.. Tomb Raider and less like.. Tomb Raider.. I think we'll all be a bit happier.

Awesome! Plus a comic with Gail Simone writing it?! Squee!

Shame I dunno wehen I'll be picking up a ps4, though. I want a stronger library, or confirmation of a strong indie library before I get it. The transition and price point are both gunna be steep.

I definitely wanna try and get the comics though!

I have to say I am kinda nervous. Like Andrea said, despite the story issues, it was a really enjoyable game... bugger...

Yay! I really enjoyed the first one even though it felt a bit short (didn't touch the multiplayer).

sounds good to me. already on the official forum i have created a wish list what people want in the next game. and as many of you said as well, more puzzles and exploring.
if some of you guys like to vote as well, here is your chance. and yes, the devs are looking at it.

Just trying to imagine how they'd look if they said their triple platinum selling title didn't make enough money to warrant a sequel. Also hope this comic has the Gail Simone that's writing Red Sonja and not the Gail Simone that's writing Batgirl.

Sweet, thought the game was awesome so I'm glad to see a sequel. Just better come to PC as well or I shall be annoyed no end.

Also, comic book? Hmm.. interesting.

Let's hope it will be an actual Tomb Raider game this time around, as opposed to the QTE riddled Uncharted mess they presented us with the last time. I'm still severly traumatized

My only issue with the last Tomb Raider game was that it was called, Tomb Raider and the main character was called Lara Croft.
I understand it would have 'truly' failed if it wasn't associated with the franchise but it's still annoying.

In other news, grass grows, birds fly, sun shines and brother, I hurt people and life goes on.

Lets be honest, we all knew that Lara Croft would be coming to next-gen. Its one of those franchises that would be news if they didn't make a new game for.


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