EXP: ScrewAttack's Worst EVER! - Letdown

ScrewAttack's Worst EVER! - Letdown

A letdown so big it brings Lauren to tears? What could it be?

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Except I was dubious about Other M as soon as I heard the subtitle "Other M." "Other M?" WTF is that supposed to mean? Sounds like a working title. (Yes I know what it means now and it just makes it worse)

One of the biggest letdowns in gaming for me was not necessarily a game. Nintendo's E3 2012, that was Nintendo's year to win it all, but the only thing of interest was Pikmin 3(which is amazing by the way.) I was pretty depressed after with the lame conferences by the big three that E3, but Nintendo's could have been so much better.

I also agree that that Zelda should have won that death battle. She has magic powers, can turn into a ninja, and a piece of the Triforce. How on earth did she lose to Peach!?

Things that long time Metroid fans like:
-Possibility for non-linear progression (sequence breaking)
-exploration (and rewards for curiosity)
-adventure (ability to explore and study an area that feels alien)
-Power-fantasy (notice how I left out male)

Things that video gamers like in general:
-engaging voice acting
-short, skip-able, or entertaining cut-scenes (best if all three)
-logical, "tight" controls
-A story without plot holes, logical leaps or unfortunate implications
-Games that do not ret-con the previous chronological game's ending to the detriment of the previous story arc

Number of items on this checklist that Other M followed:

I have actual porno games with stronger female characters than Other M.

For realz.

(To be fair, I have porno games with stronger female characters than 90% of other games....)

Star Fox Adventures... oh this game. I was looking forward to seeing what it'd be like I mean I wasn't beyond the idea of Star Fox in a platformer as long as there's some good old fashioned space shooting in there which there was... and it was lame. On top of that, the platforming sucked because of the shitty level design. And that stupid little dinosaur Tricky! I hated Tricky so much!

My biggest letdown in gaming?

The industry in general.
I don't know where to begin. There's just nothing I can pin down coz a lot grinds my gears.

Also, Zelda will get her revenge, I bet. She'll prolly star in a better game than Peach if Nintendo goes through with making a Zelda protagonist game.

I really want to pat Lauren on the back. That was total BS Deathbattle. Shame on them.

Biggest letdown for me? Easy.

Start of game: "Alright, let's do this! Let's find out why this is supposed to be the Best Gaem Evar!"
End of game: "...and?"

The hype monster is a vicious beast indeed.

For me, second only to Other M, was Skyward Sword.

I rage quit just 10 hours in, about a year and a half ago. I started trying to get back into it just last night; pick up where I left off.

The gimmicky and often non-responsive motion controls and mind-numbing, non-stop overexplanation of every single fucking thing I still find insulting and unbearable, but I'll try to stick it out this time for the pretty music and imagery.

Blizzard from 2010 - On. Cataclysm really messed up WoW, all of my friends quit playing only a few months after Cata was released. Then, they released the pile of shit known as Diablo 3.

Yup, that's pretty much it. I'm scarred Elder Scrolls Online will trump them all though.


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