EXP: Do's and Don'ts Episode 6

Do's and Don'ts Episode 6

The Do's and Don'ts of survival on a deserted island.

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Was that thing at the end a 'to be continued' or something?

What yellow said. And what was up with the lack of so much as a title for this episode? Did someone get lazy or what?

OT: I enjoyed this episode a lot. It was better than several of the others--especially the Bro episode which was apparently based on Jersey Shore--which I've never watched and know nothing about.

Keep up the good work, guys.

Hey Deep Rising reference! I will enjoy being 1 of the 5 people who got that.

-_-" That was....well.... hmmmm, still think the 1st epp was the best.

I am disappointed. Weakest episode so far. But the series is young and supple and so tender.


thanks again guys, i just love cleaning up my keyboard and monitor because the coke went all over them - Susie does have a unique skillset ^^


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