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Personal insults and fanboi fever against bioware, The reasons you gave against ToR were so moronic it was unbelieveable and I was trying to be tactful in replying.

So... it's a "personal insult" when I point out that all the assumptions you were making were in poor taste, and were doing nothing but devaluing your own point?
Coming from you, I find that ironic. =D

1)"Brilliant in the outrageous amount of time they spent hyping up voice acting?" - The voice acting added to the game and made it a lot more immersive.

Opinion. While voice acting is nice in the game, or any game, it is far from required. But the big part of their marketing was directed upon just it being "fully-voiced". Immersion is more than voiced content buddy, sorry to say. And for anyone playing through the game more than once, it'll be largely skipped over.

2)"Groundbreaking in their inability to actually deliver content in the game to even help differentiate the leveling path a little from the strict, boring dull line of planets that Champions Online suffered as well?" - I assume you were smoking crack when you wrote this or didn't actually play the game because what ToR does have is the most enjoyable and well written levelling storylines in any MMO.

Opinion again. And also, there's that idiotic assumptions popping up once more! Did I say it wasn't enjoyable or well-written? Nope! What I said, was there's nothing there to differentiate the PATH. P.A.T.H.. Through the game itself. You know, leaving planet 1, then being able to choose between 2A or 2B? That kind of dealio. Not a hard concept really to understand, seeing as it was perfectly clear in my original post.

Also, it doesn't matter how well-written or enjoyable a planet's story is. 2-3 characters in, and people aren't caring any more about it. Hence the whole "different paths" thing. You keeping up, or should I slow down for ya? =D

3)"Failing that, the inability to actually expand the end-game content in some reasonable bit of time, instead choosing to bloat out the mid-game without actually adding to it?" - Again raids distract from any real game play and the group flashpoints are actually very good but whatever.

Buddy, you really gotta learn what "Opinion" means. Here:

o·pin·ion (-pnyn)
1. A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof.

Also, never said raids. You really gotta stop trying to put your own words in other peoples mouths, you're looking pretty dumb! =D

I said end-game content. That means PvP, World Events, the kind of stuff they've only just started adding in after months and months of cash shop additions and "legacy" add-ons.

4) "Or, amazing in the utterly pathetic amount of customization offered for the characters themselves, seeing as most all NPCs and all Player Characters come from the same generic 3-body shapes, same-between-all parts design that even older games can best". - Yes the most important part of any game is character customisation if I can't be a 3 foot tall pink haired 8 year old girl im not playing.

Well, part of "immersion" (remember that little word you brought up buddy?) is the character themselves. And honestly, having only 3 body types between all the races, on top of having the same exact choices for each one doesn't exactly make the Twilek look any different from the human, or laughably enough of a race, cyborg. I'm not saying it's the most important part of a game at all. I'm saying it's pathetic that F2P titles from several years back outright beats the kind of customization offered by TOR. It's from sheer laziness on their part.

World of Warcraft is why MMO's are failing, it's why they are turning into F2P cash cows because people want WoW mk2 and turn away from anything different. ToR was ground breaking because it tried to bring in more of a single player element and story telling instead of the grind fest that was many MMO's in the past and it failed not because it wasn't as good as WoW but because it wasn't WoW. It didn't get fast expansions because EA sacked most of the dev team as soon as it became apparent it wasn't going to make same kind of money as WoW.

P.S If you want to slate Bioware try actually picking on a real failure like Dragon Age 2.

MMO's trying to EMULATE World of Warcraft are dying. You're on the escapist, so I'm gonna make a pretty big leap and assume you watch at least some of the content on here, don't ya buddy? Well go look up the "Perfect Pasta Sauce" video Jimquisition did.
Back yet? Great. World of Warcraft brought in a huge chunk of consumers into the market. SOE saw that and gutted Galaxies. Until that point the game was actually holding as steady as a game of it's type could. But once it was altered so severely? Everyone left obviously.
It's not Blizzard's fault, it's the developers and publishers who wanted to get in on the market already established by World of Warcraft, instead of sticking to their own. Meanwhile the rather hardcore, player-cruel game of Eve Online has not only managed to be a success, but has steadily grown over the years (barring Monocle-gate of course). Why? Because instead of chasing after a niche already filled, they went and catered to their own. It's why Dark Age of Camelot is still around, it's why Anarchy Online is still kicking (somewhat, at least).

It's also how Dark Souls was a major success at 2 million sales over a few years, while Tomb Raider was a horrible failure at 3.5 million sales over the course of a few months. The difference? FROM Software budgeted their game accordingly, while Crystal budgeted their game as if it was going to sell 10 million.

Hey... now doesn't that sound familiar...?!

P.S. Already done that buddy, sorry to say. I beat you to that point years ago actually.
P.P.S. You seem to be missing a certain something in all your stilted rambling. You assume I must have some grudge against Bioware, despite me saying this little ditty in first my post to you.


Please, TOR is far from groundbreaking or brilliant... ...It's a good game, but not great.

Again, you really gotta cut out on all those assumptions you're making about me. It's rather asinine when I've disproved them in the very post you're reacting to!

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