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It Seems Today ...

MovieBob takes us into one of his favorite television shows.

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Glad to see some love for Community. :)

But yeah, I don't mind Family Guy, at least now that it's died down a little.
And I certainly do prefer the later seasons.

The promos for your book piss me off way more then you being a fan of Family Guy. You liking Bob's Burgers on the other hand...
South Park is like Congress in that it never takes a stand on anything.

And I never did see Partial Terms of Endearment :(

I'm coming at ya bro...
...with a big hug cuz I love Family Guy too.

.........even if I haven't seen any new episodes of it in months if not years. But still...

Seriously? that is your big thing? You like family guy? Big freaking deal. I don't understand what the big deal is.

I'm mostly taken aback by Bob's Burgers getting affection than any love for Family Guy. I dunno. Bob's Burgers never clicked with me. It just feels like it's only joke is everyone talking loudly and stupidly at once. Period.

While we're on the subject of "adult" animation, I'm still itching to learn more about those other failed adult cartoons you mentioned in a previous episode. The ones that tried to ride the coat tails of the Simpsons' success. You mentioned one particular show called "The Fish People".


Also I have to agree with you. I still like Family Guy and still enjoy the new episodes. the only reason I got somewhat burned out on older Family Guy is because I usually sleep with my tv tuned into Adult Swim and Adult Swim has a bad habit of play a series episodes over and over and over and over till you find yourself humming "Give up the toad" while trying to take a piss. Come to think of it my dislike for the first few seasons of Family Guy has less to do with the series itself and more to do with my overexposure to it. Which is the same reason why I still can't enjoy Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, the Fox era episodes of Futurama, the early years of American Dad or Robot Chicken. God I really need to stop watching Adult Swim.

I second the comment on Bob's Burgers. I scoffed it off when it first came on the air without really watching it, and towards the end of the first season I sat down to watch it and went "huh, this ain't bad". I don't watch it a lot, but if it's on and I feel like watching tv, damn straight is it going to Bob's Burgers.

I'm not the biggest Family Guy fan (out of MacFarlane's shows I tend to watch American Dad more), but I never really got the hatred for Seth MacFarlane as some talentless hack or something of lowest common denominator. I prefer South Park, The Simpsons (historically), Futurama, and now Bob's Burgers, but Family Guy can be genuinely funny and even smart. Hit and miss for sure (personally I'm not a fan of how long and drawn out some of the jokes are) and some quotes and bits are overdone, but I could think of worse things on tv.

Wait, Family Guy hating is a thing?

Otherwise, yeah, I think it has gotten better over time, and I still watch reruns when they're on. It's a pity that the Cleveland Show is ending, but it would be nice to have a few episode each season devoted to the Browns rather than the Griffins.

All that said, I like American Dad more...

I am actually a fan of Family guy as well. While I don't sit and wait for a new episode to come on, I do enjoy the series as a mindlessly amusing stuff. I do agree that the Stewie/Brian dynamic is (for me) the best part of the show, though Chris has some GREAT lines in it

I thought season 1-3 were hilarious in a really stupid way. I thought everything after that felt too forced or too preachy. There are some occasional gems, but honestly, I can't bring myself to laugh at Family Guy anymore. Also, I'm starting to really get into newer American Dad. Originally I was kind of "eh" about it, but now, I think it's a pretty cool show... with some really disturbing stuff in it sometimes...

Also, I've been a little burnt on Futurama and Adventure Time. They're still pretty good, IMO, but they're far from perfect. I thought Young Justice was awesome, but at the same time, took itself a little too seriously and also had so many complicated convoluted stuff in it... guess that's why I don't read comic books.

Neglected to mention My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or Gravity Falls, though...

Though I DO agree with Bob on one thing: Seth MacFarlane is an incredible talent, being a voice actor, INCREDIBLY singer, and actually a very good comedian. I freaking loved it when he hosted the Oscars! That doesn't make Family Guy any better, though from what I heard, his actual involvement in the writing of that show these days is limited, so I find it hard to blame him for why it sucks as opposed to liking some of the better stuff he's been involved in.

Oh, and Larry & Steve, FREAKING hilarious! And I AM kind of looking forward to that Family Guy/Simpsons cross-over coming next season, so there's that at least.

I agree with you Bob, I didn't start enjoying Family Guy until it came back and the characters actually developed personalities, sure their personalities are hateable and just make you want to punch them in the face out of anger (especially Brian), but it was an improvement from the first 3 seasons. Glad you did this episode, you reminded me why I liked Family Guy in the first place

Wait... it's a thing not to like Family Guy? Huh... learn something new every day. I agree with you on several points, and I'm glad you brought them up.

Also glad to hear some love for Bob's Burgers.

This video failed to touch on the two things that turn me off from Family Guy. First, the cutaway-humor style means that while the show can generate funny lines, it can't keep up a consistent pace. Second, Peter Griffin is completely and utterly despicable as a person and as a character, and I cannot get invested in any story that centers around him.

I still can't stand the show, and anything that guy directs.

It seems I'm always turning out to be that guy when it comes to certain popular things.

"I mean... who doesn't like Michael Jackson?"

Umm... I don't like him and don't see why he was considered to be so talented.

"I mean... who doesn't like The Simpsons?"

Umm... I don't like The Simpsons. I'm not a fan of any of the characters, the humor isn't funny to me and the older episodes didn't age well. The yellow skin is kinda gross too...

It makes me sound like some sort of Hipster I guess, but I'm really not.

I do like Family Guy, the humor is funny and a lot of the social commentary is enjoyable to watch. McFarlane was part of that ridiculous amount of talent in Cartoon Network's best years. I'm talking McCracken, Faust, Tartakovsky, and others. He's a talented guy. He worked on Dexter's Lab and Johnny Bravo. The show is miles above anything South Park will ever be.

Well its nice to see you stand up and face an opinion you have been hinting at for quite sometime. :)

For me, Family Guy and The Simpsons have two different problems.

With The Simpsons, I always felt they ran out of believable stories after season 8-9 and the things they got into didn't fit the semi-realistic tone of the series up until then. For Family Guy, they drag jokes out for far too long. This is both in terms of one off gags (like that laughing clip at the beginning) or reusing things that I never found particularly funny (that bloody chicken fight!).

I will give it another try though because you asked so nicely.

So what you're saying is I should keep watching Bob's Burgers? :) Cool.

Joke aside, I agree mostly with you on this. I still don't like Family Guy, but American Dad/The Cleveland Show have been very enjoyable.

I was not a fan of Bob's Burgers at first though. It seemed like Bob was the only sane character in a world of crazy people. However, after watching the show for a few episodes, it has grown on me.

Louise is the best!

I don't mind Family Guy, but I do think it's gotten far too self-referential and hasn't used a good new joke in quite a long while.

For my money Archer is the best animated series we have right now. Everything Adam Reed does just gets better and better with each passing season. Plus the ambiguous time period the show plays with is the perfect mix of good ol' fashion Cold War spy game with a dose of modern technology thrown in. The characters are amazing. I can't wait for the next season for some more Pam Poovey, I.S.I.S. agent of badass.

I've never really understood comedy quality arguments simply because comedy is similar to music in that there are multiple styles that some will like and others will heavily dislike.

Wait, the Cleveland Show got canceled? I don't mourn that--I never thought the show had anything to offer that Family Guy didn't, except there was more "ha ha ironic racism is edgy"--but I'm a little surprised this is the first I've heard of it.

I tried watching a couple episodes of Futurama and it's terrible.

That is all.

Yay to the Bob's Burgers shout out. I suspected Bob was a fan after he showed a still in his Lone Ranger review in regards to the antagonist being a cannibal. It really is the best thing on Fox's Sunday night lineup and looks to only be getting better as the show doesn't have to constantly worry about getting cancelled.

This video failed to touch on the two things that turn me off from Family Guy. First, the cutaway-humor style means that while the show can generate funny lines, it can't keep up a consistent pace. Second, Peter Griffin is completely and utterly despicable as a person and as a character, and I cannot get invested in any story that centers around him.

Your terms seem to indicate at least a partial endearment.

I loved Family Guy up until probably about 2011 or so. Current Family Guy, however, just kind of seems like it has run out of ideas and now relies more on trying to get shock laughs. And the reoccurring joke of how gross and freakish transsexuals are is far more offensive than funny to me

As for Adventure Time, I've watched at least a dozen episodes and am still trying to figure out why everyone is obsessed with it.

I still love Family Guy. Not the re-reruns of season 1 on TBS, the series as it exists on Fox. I conversely hate Bobs Burgers and its time slot between two shows I actually will watch when football isn't on. I really wish people would stop being trendy and getting all panties in a bunch when someone likes a stupid show like Family Guy. It's not that serious and it was never intended to be.

What? there are still shows on TV? Well, color me surprised.

I must be getting old. I thought everybody on the Internet loved Family Guy and I was in the shunned minority.

That said (rather, implied), I don't think the show is a piece of junk or that its creator has no talent. I think the show is well made by talented people. I just don't like it. It's too cynical and bleak and grimly depressing behind the veneer of humor. That laugh from Peter that the video leads in with pretty much sums up what I feel is going on any time I watch an episode. Same goes for American Dad. Can't speak to The Cleveland Show as I've never watched it.


The show is miles above anything South Park will ever be.

No. I don't claim it isn't funny or clever but it's far too one-dimensional. And if you can't get into that dimension then you can't enjoy it. I also have a hard time believing any non-Americans can possibly enjoy the show, let alone understand half the jokes.

That said, maybe it has some kind of higher meaning. The way all the characters are constantly babbling, every character's world is inside a bubble of entertainment culture and their blindness to anything outside that probably says something about the modern world, the creators or the audience who watches it.

My main problem with Family Guy: It's not funny in its writing. When I watched it, I found myself laughing in spite of myself. I realized it was because the show is visually funny. Yes, there's such a thing. Walt Disney used to hold test screenings of his cartoons without sound to make sure that they were visually funny. Look at the spastic, jerky style of Family Guy's animation. It's designed to make you laugh just by watching it, and that makes me hate it even more.

And I might be inclined to give the post-cancellation show a chance, except for several things.
1. Bob, you liked The Hangover. Hell, you loved The Hangover. When I saw it, it was definitely a set of the worst 90 minutes of my life and thinking about it still makes me bitter.
2. Your butt-hurting over Star Trek: Into Darkness and ignoring/insulting what made it good made me lose faith in your ability to objectively critique. I'm convinced that your opinions are ruled by your nostalgia.
3. All the traits of the director's works that you listed are unappealing or disgusting to me.

Also, before watching this I was simply uninclined to watch Bob's Burgers. Now I'm going to try not to.

Family Guy can definitely be funny, just like that clip you put at the beginning, but I get really tired of Seth just soap boxing. Especially when he makes the issues so simple as to insult both sides debating them.

No problems here. I like Family Guy just fine and I agree with the idea that the show got a lot better after it was cancelled.

Much like The Simpsons, Robot Chicken and King of the Hill the early seasons have become virtually unwatchable as the show settled into it's groove and cut a lot of the fat that was dragging it down. At this point if I happen to be watching TV when it comes on and the theme song reveals it to be from the "peanut head meg" era of the show (Meg's portrait in the background becomes more defined as the show progresses.)
I'll usually just flip on the PS3 and watch Netflix instead...usually Bob's Burgers if I'm being perfectly honest.

As was said in the video, there are better shows out there, but family guy is fun and I rarely regret watching the new episodes as they come out.

My reasoning behind my partial contempt for Family Guy is exemplified by the first clip you showed, Bob: a joke or cliche moment that is drawn out past being funny and into being disturbing. I, for one, don't mind you liking the show at all. I think it's alright, though moments like that laughing clip and Peter breaking his knee and moaning for a minute act as cracks in the window for the finely decorated house this show metaphorically is.

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