Gallery of the Day - Best Videogame Ninjas

Gallery of the Day - Best Videogame Ninjas

Make sure you're well guarded. This gallery is sneaky, and you won't see it until it's too late.

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Obviously the best ninja is the one that managed to get all their photos :P

Yuffie is holding that gigantic throwing star so wrong.


Ahem, ninjas are indeed awesome, but....uh....

Anyways, nice gallery!

Seeing Ayame get some props made me happy. I've always loved the Tenchu Series, and Ayame's kinda in gaming limbo so she's kinda obscure.

I wanna add Kasumi from Suikoden I & II, though.

How often do you see a ninja that's pretty talented as a ninja, but shy as a person, unable to express they have a crush on someone?

No stryder?

Shame on you.

no kaede from onimusha?? i guess that was a long time ago

Dude... Great list, but so many missing ninjas...

What about...
...Edge from Final Fantasy IV? he is the lord and master of an entire ninja village, so badass he goes "super saiyan" and unlocks all of his level-up abilities at once because some flasher pissed him off.

... Strider Hiryu? ninja technomancer of the future, slicing and dicing enemy cyber-ninjas and giant maverick robots. Speaking of which...

... X? in Megaman X6, X gains access to the ninja Shadow Armor, that lets him shoot shurikens and powers up his beam saber, and is arguably the most powerful and useful suit next to Ultimate. Kirby's in, so why not?

... Zelda? Her Sheikh persona in Ocarina of Time (and Super Smash Bros) shows off Zelda's badass physical skills as well as her powerful magic.

... freaking Hanzo Hattori? historical forefather of all Ninja and badass infiltrator/assassin from the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors series.

...any or all of the ninjas from League of Legends: Akali, Shen, Kennen, Zed, Katarina, Talon... the list goes on.

No love for Hotsuma (PS2 Shinobi) and his giant red scarf? Disappointing.

What, no Guy? These clown's footwear don't even compare.

Also agree Strider Hiryu should be here. Unless someone else on the list has control over an army of robotic animals.


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