Gallery of the Day - Minecraft Creations

Gallery of the Day - Minecraft Creations

Considering that Minecraft is one of the best selling games in recent memory let's celebrate with a blocky gallery.

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My new favorite feature! Thanks!

Can I suggest you take a look at Branchscape on the Escapecraft server? It's a multiplayer city where every house is a tree.

Oh and it's pretty much completely legit too if that is necessary.

Video tour (youtube broke on it and the last 3 mins are black nothingness)

Giant photo album to show that I'm not joking.

Escapecraft forum's thread for this town. Contains all needed details if you wish to see it for yourself Doc Strangelove.
(Warning. May or may not be 101 pages long, however it is the longest thread on the Escapecraft forums so...)

I'm not trying to advertise with this I just simply thought that a gigantic multiplayer city like this was superior in all aspects to "Slightly Interesting Minecraft House #34532" which is what I am afraid this gallery apeared like to me.

(Personally, normal houses like these are overrated. I build giant volcano lairs and hide in the sizzling ooze protected by nothing more than ingenuity and glass.)

That brings back so many memories Val, such good times back when I played (before the one ban and then growing tired of minecraft)

So this is actually a legit feature, and not just an excuse to post bewby pics to rattle up the community? Kinda cool I suppose.

Okay. Some nice designs, but not really that impressive unless you tell me it was a single player in hardcore mode that built any of them.

My own project is a sandcastle in hardcore mode. The fundamental rule is no building with anything that will "float" if the support underneath it is removed.

I've probably lost more worlds to suffocation than anybody.


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