183: The Joy of Videogame Cooking

The Joy of Videogame Cooking

Cooking videogames might not improve your real-world culinary skills, but that won't stop Nathan Meunier from trying.

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Nice article. I'm both a video game enthusiast and a cooking enthusiast, so I've got a bit of a different perspective. I can survive quite well in a kitchen, thanks... but I DID pick up a skill or two from Cooking Mama. Onion chopping? Seriously, it's an excellent way to make sure you get just the size pieces that you want. Also, you wouldn't think that ketchup was appropriate to add to spaghetti, but...

Strangely, I'll often have my DS in the kitchen with me if I know I need to mind a pot or a dish. Likely just to play Pokemon or something easy to while away a few minutes with, but... it helps. Some things, you must keep an eye on, but I've got an easily distractable brain, too. Solution? Distract yourself whilst in the kitchen!

...just don't drop the DS in a pot. That's bad.

The Article:
Boiling water shouldn't be a difficult task. However, I never had much patience for standing around waiting for the heat to do its thing, so I'd often wander off and forget about it completely. It's a miracle my apartment is still standing. In one incident, I returned hours later to find the water completely evaporated and the pot glowing bright red. My poor tea kettle suffered a similar fate.

Oh jeez. My mum has done the exact same thing. I think she was trying to make a cup of tea, but ended up going to sleep for about five hours. All the while the kettle sounded it's piercing whistle. Kind of odd too, since she's normally such a good cook.

I can cook fairly well *pokes picture in profile* but I've found that I don't do it so much these days. The odd thing is that videogames have inspired me to cook in the past. Back when I played World of Warcraft, a few minutes of grinding the cooking skill would be all the motivation I'd need to get up and make an omelette. Potion making in TESIV: Oblivion made me thirsty a couple of times (not for a bread and apple smoothie, thankfully)

Great article. I liked it a lot, and it gave me a laugh.

cooking games are usualy horrible, great article though!

Personally, I have never enjoyed a cooking game. But I do enjoy cooking a lot. Unfortunately, the results are never pretty, ever.
For me though, my main problem is I'm just out of touch with "real food". I just happens to eat strange food--I like my steak either dripping in blood, or charred to the point of becoming coal. I love hearts, guts, blood, intestines, liver, and various other assorted innards--that drives most people away from my cooking. I also like things really hot and spicy. Most things I cooked end up in various shades of crimson from chili peppers, adorn with even more little chili, onion, and garlic on top. And if it's not red, then don't be full--it's probably even hotter because it means I use chili oil, and lots of it.
I know I shouldn't cook for the public when people starts telling me to just come to a potluck without bringing any food. I cried a little inside.

So one day, many years ago, the rest of my family was out shopping. On their way home, my mom called and told me to boil some eggs. Sure, easy peasy. I start the water boiling, grab some eggs... crack them into the boiling water...

When my mom shows up, I tell her that the eggs don't look right. Is she sure I was supposed to boil them like that?

My family has never let me live that down.


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