Stolen Pixels #53: Hidden Treasures

Stolen Pixels #53: Hidden Treasures

A pretty girl in skimpy clothes is an important character in Prince of Persia. What did you think was going to happen?


Does this go with the unlocks for Prince of Persia : Sands of Time?

Bruce Willis Mode : Down to his vest.
Bruce Banner Mode : Shredded T-Shirt.
Borat Mode : I like being nude. Is nice.

Haha. First time I read it through I was thinking "Oh, that was a little dissapointing, I don't even get it". I didn't actually see the achievement until the second time.

She is a useless character. Well, she has some uses...

I've just got PoP, and have played about 2 hours of it... gotta say, it's got the Sands of Time gameplay. I'm really digging what people are saying about accessibility, and the lack of frustration also - it seems to be a good, fun game.

We'll see how it goes - supposedly it turns sour at this point; though I quite enjoyed the Prince/Elika's banter, so I don't know...

With the Farah costume, however, some views can definitely be unlocked, if you know what I mean. Much more so than the actual Farah would have tolerated. :-P

That *is* inexplicably constructed. But strangely compelling . . .

Hehe, this stuff reminds me of seeing players trying to perfect camera angles Lara Croft. Shamus, well hung ... I mean done, done! ;-D

Worst game ever. on the other hand if you could look up her skirt it would be playable.


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