EXP: ScrewAttack's DEATH BATTLE! Peach vs. Zelda

ScrewAttack's DEATH BATTLE! Peach vs. Zelda

Super Mario Bros. VS The Legend of Zelda! Two classic damsels in distress enter the ring! But with no heroic rescuer in sight, which princess will survive the brutal battle to the death?

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Well .... that was unexpected ....

but then, I wouldn't have figured they'd have brought the striker games into it ether ...

Damn right peach wins. Bonus she didnt even need to use a toad to block damage. Which is a things she does. Frequently...

Hmm... actually thinking about that is kind of dark actually.

Anyway I loved the math calculations at the end, definitely a great addition.

The ending always ruins these for me. They try to be all logical and explain mathematically why peach won. Which makes absolutely no sense when you consider the fact that she had a ton of fireballs lobbed at her. Why does logic only ever apply to the finishing move in this series?

I always find these entertaining until the point where they give some BS reason as to why someone won. Like the goku vs superman episode. Superman wins because superman can't lose. Kinda eliminates the point of the episode to begin with.

Even though the explanation in the end made a lot of sense, Zelda's Triforce powers were never really utilized enough. It's all for fun anyway, but divine magic powers should beat a quirky move set any day.

Fun to watch but the ending was crap.... peach would lose so fast.


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