Gallery of the Day - Movie to Videogame Adaptations

Gallery of the Day - Movie to Videogame Adaptations

We all know of videogames that were made into movies. How many movies have been made into decent games? Take a look at a small gallery of games that were once movies.

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You mention The Warriors, but you show 'The Warriors : Street Brawl', as opposed to the fantastic Rockstar adaptation?


So you show off all the good adaptations (Wolverine's in-flight sentinel battle, pure badass btw), but what about all the stinkpiles? There's so many.

Spiderman 2 was amazing.
It's so weird to see developers stepping back from the swinging mechanics...

And I'm still hoping for an Attack on Titan game with a similar engine.

The Two Towers and The Return of The King video games were really good. Two of the best movie to game adaptions I have ever played. Loved playing as Gandalf and levitating enemies before impaling them with my sword.

The movie that garnered universal critical acclaim, tied the record for most Oscar awards (including best picture) and earned over a billion dollars worldwide was outshone by it's videogame adaptation? That must be one unbelievable videogame.

Yeah, I gotta take issue with the idea that the game outshone the Return of the King. And what's that about the movie not having an ending? It spends about half an hour on its ending...

Every licensed capcom or well noncapcom too video game adapted from Disney Movies.

As far as "real" movies goes ie, real get what i mean uhm...
The terminator on SNES?

The Two Towers and The Return of the King games were pretty good, I recall having great fun with those. Although I preferred The Two Towers as the combat was grittier, whereas with Return of the King they made all of the weapons glow and removed a lot of the sound effects the weapons made, which made it seem more childish and out of place with the graphics.

You'd think Matrix games would be a recipe for success but they never really did them justice. Enter the Matrix was a pretty good game overall, but there was a lot more that they could have (and should have) done with the franchise.

Surprised Enter the Matrix made it onto the list, as I recall that game was kind of a mess, all the more disappointing for me as Shiny was one of my favourite developers.


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