Gallery of the Day - Monsters in Videogames

Gallery of the Day - Monsters in Videogames

Not everyone in a videogame can be the protagonist, you need a foil. Today we celebrate those characters that exist only to be a thorn in the good guy's side.

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... Herobrine?

Ellen from 'The Witch's House'... just.... just play the game and you'll see.

I was kind of expecting more than just 9 fairly plain pictures of random video game villains/enemies with one to two sentences outlining who they are. I've never actually looked at one of the galleries before though so I guess this is probably the norm.

No no no, the Joker will only stab you in the back if it's funny.

For a real videogame monster, I present to you the Elder God.
He feeds off the souls of the dead and only becomes stronger as the world around him withers and dies.


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