Gallery of the Day - Vivid Videogame Zombies

"Many of the games on this list are very fantastical but to make things more visceral the fine folks at Bohemia Interactive knew that you had yet to be challenged." Don't think the developers ever planned on a zombie mod.

That aside the lack of resident evil zombies came as a surprise, the first 3 games were all about them.

It still bothers me when people called the infected of last of us zombies. I know there's not a particularly large difference, but still, the fact that we're just applying the name zombie to things that arent necessarily zombies and have their own unique style thing is becoming a pet peeve. I mean, I know zombies have been pretty huge the past few years or so especially, but we dont have to keep applying the term to everything close to it.

Gallery of the Day - Vivid Videogame Zombies

The videogame industry has gone through many monstrous trends, and the latest has to be zombies. Make sure that you don't get bit in today's gallery.

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Of the list the necromorphs are definitely the most creative. Clickers can be cool, but they don't hold a candle to things like Guardians, the Divider, Alien Necromophs, and of course the Brethen Moon. That shit is wild.

Huh, a dead thing about zombies has come back to life...

"The wonderful people at Treyarch knew that you may have some misgivings about killing zombies, so when they added the zombie feature to Call of Duty: World at War they made them Nazis. To take away any sort of grey area about their murder."

Oh, this is really old and dated, isn't it?


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