No Right Answer: DLC: Good or Bad?

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Locked out content getting unlocked via DLC is just terribad.

Good dlc is when it ads a extra story campaign or new maps, as long as you don't pay to much for it.


Fully complete DLC on the disk is terrible. If what's on the disk is incomplete, initially meant to be in the game but something that couldn't be completed on time so turned into dlc, I'm fine with that. There's a lot of stuff like that in KOTOR 2, before the days of dlc, later completed by fans. Even Ocarina of Time has data like that in the cartage.

On the other hand, with the push to get games out faster, it's almost impossible to get all the planned content finished for launch. Monetizing what was supposed to be in the game but wasn't due to unreasonable time constraints seems sketchy to me.

Ya, if there were any way to determine what dlc fits that criteria. Frankly, there's a lot in KOTOR 2 that I would say is important to wrapping up story threads that wasn't finished and so would meet that criteria for bad dlc.

It's just the way the industry is. People getting bent out of shape over it is excessive.

Now, ten costumes for ten dollars would be much better.

Also, Chris and Dan's advertisement for the Escapist Expo were probably the best I've ever seen. XD

I'm sure it's been said already, but: Borderlands and (more recently) Borederlands 2. The DLC is basically an expansion. 4 in total so far, all new, full campaigns, and 2 fully different characters with their own skills and abilities. 2 DLCs that give you 11 more character levels a PIECE (Plus a new mode that's harder for said levels, and new guns, and even a new place to do stuff for high levels). And... some stupid costumes, okay, they've made a few stumbles, but at least the costumes are cheap.

DLC Done right. ...except for the costumes. Seriously. Stop that.


Typically you wouldn't find out about disk locked content until after you've bought the game. People feel cheated knowing there is content on the disk they bought but can't use because of arbitrary reason.

While it's they're right as a human being to feel however they want, that doesn't make it rational. The companies are obligated to provide no more and no less than what they've promised, and I can assure you that their lawyers have clearly defined what that is, and it is most definitely not what some people seem to think it is.
People want all kinds of things in their games that make them more expensive to produce, but they don't want to pay for it. With inflation and increased production costs, games should have seen a price increase. The fact that it's a separate purchase seems to be the sticking point for these people. I wonder if they'd be fine with it if they were charging $80 up front and included everything. Or maybe then they'd just be complaining about how game companies are gouging them...

Woodman + Money = Pickles.


OT: I don't mind when DLC is used to expand a good game. I do mind when companies use it in order to blatantly increase their profit margins. Lastly, I'm neutral about cosmetic DLC that does nothing to enhance the content of the game.

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