You May Recognize The Escapist's New Editor-In-Chief

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Couldn't have happened to a better guy! Congratulations good sir! Looking forward to the reign of the Tito!

Dragon Age 2 still sucks though.

Hooray! Congrats, Greg! Happy to hear it.

Looking forwards to what you guys have in store to revitalise the website!
Right now, I just think that the publisher's club is a bit lacking in behind the scenes stuff - unless I'm overlooking something.

Picture caption: "Competitor, Greg Tito, did not qualify for this year's spot the water tower competition."

Gratz Greg! Figured it'd be you they passed the torch to. The site's not too far gone yet to allow someone as nefarious (and sexy?) as Grey to take over.

Any plans to do something special for the Expo? Are you going to be moderating a bunch of panels like Susan did last year?

See you in Durham next month!

Hey... I know that guy! Congrats G-tit!

..can I call you G-tit? It's totally catchy in a vomit inducing pop music sort of way.


Finally good to hear it Greg you always have been a great game journalist and the position should have been yours a while back congats.

Congrats sir!! Here's to a long a fruitful rule!

Also, your comment tells me that you have GREAT taste in music.

When I saw the picture I thought they put Anthony LaPaglia in charge... then I read the article.... must admit I am slightly relieved it wasn't.

Excellent! Congratulations my main man.

Captcha: Charlie Bit me

I MOST CERTAINLY DID NOT. Check the captcha, it lies to people.

Always enjoyed your reviews the most, for the record you have the best diction on the review team.

I don't wanna be that guy, but I really hope you clean up dodge. Some of the content here has not been the best of late in my opinion and I hope/am sure that will change.

I wish you many years of success good sir.

Congratulations, I was starting to wonder who was going to get the job.

Also, I'm glad you guys decided to return to the tradition of having EICs with names that can easily be turned into schoolyard insults.

All hail the new king!

Hearty congrats, Greg! I'm glad they picked the right man for the job, and I can't wait to see what new and exciting directions you take the site in.

Well all is good and well at the escapist. Here is hoping for new and exciting things to come.

Hey... I know that guy! Congrats G-tit!

..can I call you G-tit? It's totally catchy in a vomit inducing pop music sort of way.

All Hail G-tit, Master of Escapist!

This has to become a thing.

Congratulations Greg. Now make sure you're still there when I come by for Expo 2014.

Come on Greg if a AAA game reuses the same 3 environments it can't be a 5 star game. Especially not if they still charged full retail for it (which they did). I liked DA2 but seriously 3.5 tops.

That's my way of saying congratulations. Apart from "the incident" you've always been my favourite reviewer on her. Best of luck.

Are you drinking wine from the skull of your former chieftain?
Don't let it spill out the nose hole

"Many of you know me from hosting the Escapist News Wrap, or the Podcat, or as the guy who gave Dragon Age 2 five stars. I'm not afraid to make a joke, or point out the absurdity of someone's argument, but I also don't back down from defending something I love. (Seriously, back off, DA2 is a fantastic game.)"

Don't worry, Greg. :) We still love ya.

May your Reign be long, and may your Empire be powerful!

All hail TITO!
=w= b (<- Thumbs up face)

Congrats, Tito. Well-deserved.

Congrats dude and I'm curious to know what you have planned for this place!

I can't wait to see you and everyone from the Escapist next month too.

Also, I have that Who song in my head now, and I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Hooray for Greg! Hooray for being friends! :D

Good for Greg!

The escapist can except someone who liked Dragon Age II as their... Editor in Chief. This is truly a great day.

Alright - so who wants to start a pool on how long he lasts?
I'm going in for 10 months.

I'm also willing to take bets on who succeeds him ...

Hmm. New voices? Interesting directions? Other things?

Maybe one day I'll actually get around to pitching something.

Was anyone else even in the running? Long live G-Tit. Seriously that's your name now.
Dragon Age 2... well.. everybody makes mistakes.

Congratulations! May we be thrust into a new age of knowledge and power under the guidance of our new supreme overlord.

Congrats, couldn't think of a better choice to take over. :D

Hopefully you don't leave us as soon as some of the other EICs! =P

Long live the reign of Tito!

I'm also willing to take bets on who succeeds him ...

He'll last until the night of the Summer Solstice, at which point he'll die in a freak and unexpected pagan ritual accident. Then I will succeed him as Editor-in-Chief.

The two will be entirely unconnected. Just trust me on that, as there are bound to be ugly rumours.

Congratulations good sir! May your reign be long and glorious!

Also I agree with you, Dragon Age 2 is a great game :D

Good luck in your new position!
I'll still always remember you as Dragon Age 2 guy :P

Congratulations good sir! This may actually have just made my day as I was a little worried when I heard the announcement that Susan was stepping down. However, all of my fears have now been eased to hear your name preceding that title.

Lono Shrugged:
Always enjoyed your reviews the most, for the record you have the best diction on the review team.

Also this. Your style is wonderfully witty and refreshing as well and I can't wait to see the magic you make happen here in times to come. May they be glorious and prosperous for you and the Escapist!

You have got to start calling yourself Marshal Tito now.

you know, every great person has that one mark on their record. let yours be the DA2 review.

but seriously, congrats and all that good jazz.

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