You May Recognize The Escapist's New Editor-In-Chief

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Grats dude! So glad to have you as Fearless Leader.

When it comes to changing a website, DO NOT CHANGE THE GENERAL WAY MENUS WORK. This is crucial. Don't change the design around, either, because it confuses people. Add features, but please for the love of god: don't change the way the site works, it's fine as it is.

Congratulations on your new position, too.

(I never understood how one could love the DA series, to be honest. I hate wrestling a horrible control scheme in the middle of a real time battle while having to control multiple stupid characters and having the whole thing feel as if it doesn't have any impact was just too much for me. Then came the story, which didn't actually feel engaging to me. I had nothing but hate for most of the characers, too. With that in mind, I never even played DA2.)

Damn! And here I had money on Steve Balmer taking over.

That Alpha Centauri article ultimately convinced me to buy the game on GOG. That, and there was a sale on.

Doctor Insanovic:
You have got to start calling yourself Marshal Tito now.

I'm torn between this and the G-Tit suggestion. Both are absolute gold.

Damn it.

I was sure I'd get the position for sure this time.



You are a scholar and a poet, good sir.


But at the rate Escapist chews through editor-in-chiefs, the podcat will be without all the great voices completely.

Couldn't have asked for a more appropriate CIC of the Escapist. Congrats on your ascension up your echeladder, boss.

Even if Dragon Age was only a "meh, it's alright, but it's got some noticeable cracks in the foundations" kind of game.

Snip, photo above.

I kind of love that someone found this. My standup comedy days come back to haunt me once again!

Thanks to everyone for the support, and thank you for the criticisms. Keep 'em coming! We'll keep making the Escapist better.


PS. I have fix that title over there <----------

Congrats, Greg! Don't even worry about the Dragon Age thing, I've never played them so I wouldn't know about controversial reviews.

Does this mean you'll be doing stuff at the Expo?

Congrats Greg! Now learn to pronounce Unicron's name right. Jk

Never heard of him.

...Seriously, though, congrats.

Congrats Greg! Now learn to pronounce Unicron's name right. Jk

Is this some MLP thing?

Like, what's wrong with unicorns?


Oh. It's Greg Tito. Sure... sure, that works.

Congratulations, Greg! Can't wait to see whatever you have in the works.

And DA2 IS a great game (despite repeated environments... which was just lazy).

I once saw someone speculate that the Escapist had once rejected Tom Riddle's job application for E.I.C. - Best of luck in holding in there longer!

I've always loved SMAC also. I hope you last more then a year.

YAY! Marshall Tito certainly deserves the job and I had been hoping he would take up this position after Susan left. I hope he doesn't leave so quickly like Susan and Mr. Butts did cuz then the podcast will totally stink and I don't think Mr. Goodman will be able to handle doing the outro every time.


Please don't rearrange the website.

Change frightens and confuses me, especially when I can't find the newsfeed list.

Congratulations, Greg! I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job taking up the mantle.

Hey! Well done Greg!



Hey, Greg, can we get a photo of you in a laurel wreath? I find myself desiring a picture captioned "Ave G-Tit!"

Yay! Greg is in da house!
Just don't pick on Paul.

Zachary Amaranth:
Never heard of him.

...Seriously, though, congrats.

Congrats Greg! Now learn to pronounce Unicron's name right. Jk

Is this some MLP thing?

Like, what's wrong with unicorns?

Nope, Transformers.

Congrats on getting back into the saddle Mr Tito and I hope you'll kill Taboola with the fire it so richly deserves.

Also the DA2 review will continue to haunt you, this is the internet after-all.


Nope, Transformers.

Yes, and we went from him talking about someone mispronouncing Unicron's name to me misspelling Unicron's named.

It was a joke, one I'm sure Mr. Jacko got, even if he didn't find it particularly funny.

Also, because ponies.

Congratulations and good luck.

G-Tit? Marshall Tito? Marshall Tit!

can't say i am surprised, this was well deserved. congratulations Greg. I look forward to the "Gregorian" escapist

I bow to no man.
But I do agree, DA2 is a great game, and all who disagree... Well, they disagree.

Congrats Greg, I was somewhat expecting you were going to be the one to take the Editor in Chief reins sooner or later.

Can't wait for to see the videos on the Escapist Expo with all those lovely panels.

Congrats Greg. So, er, when does the power-mad blood-thirsty rampage begin?


G-Tit huh...
So does that mean the Escapist staff will now be called the G-Unit?
Oh wait, that's taken...

Congratulations Greg! Always enjoyed your work over here, so glad to see this happening. :)

Signed in for the first time in months just to say congratulations, Greg! Always enjoyed your articles.

Here's to a bright future for my favourite website that I lurk on far too much.

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