Escapist Podcast: 108: PAXcast - The Good And Bad

108: PAXcast - The Good And Bad

This week, we talk about our experience at PAX and weigh in on the whole "Dickwolves" incident that has come up again. Apologies, we had a technical issue with the audio, so it will sound a little off.

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I usually listen to the podcast via phone but this new camera placement seems to be on a really awkward angle if you happen to be wearing a skirt.

Cute animals? Very well.

As for the PAX thing? Eh, I always liked Grey and Cory's work better anyway. Plus, like ya said, it's not just "their thing" anymore anyway.

Also, good job with Outlast Paul. That was fun.

Thanks so much for reading my question on the air! And slight spoilers for Risk Legacy, there is nothing that tells you to open the Don't Open envelope. You just need to take the plunge at some point. I'll write the first bit of the "The War Progresses..." card that I got though, but just in case you don't wanna see it, I'll put in in spoiler tags. This isn't gonna say what's actually in there, but it does give you an idea. And Paul's right about there being different versions, so you might not even get this one.

@Paul: I have that same T-shirt :)

@ the PAX thing: I agree with Janelle, the PA guys aren't role models. They're artists/comedians, the whole reason they have a following is because they make off-colour jokes.

I wasn't there for the panel in question, but I find it hard to believe that 3000 people cheered for that answer.

When it comes down to it, we should move beyond making rape jokes. Like Josh said, they're in poor taste.

However, nobody gets to denigrate people who choose to continue to enjoy PAX and other PA content in spite of this.

Kristian Fischer:
When it comes down to it, we should move beyond making rape jokes. Like Josh said, they're in poor taste.

We never will because some people (like me) can enjoy them, depending on the joke. Besides poor taste is subjective.

Penny Arcade makes its ad money off some rather grotesque jokes. Just the last three involved shit gravy, the description of "a live manatee stuffed inside a sausage casing", and death by a thousand pin pricks. It's what they do. To take offense to anything said in the comic is to miss the point entirely. Picture H.P. Lovecraft then give him a website and you'll get Penny Arcade the comic in a nutshell, right along with the daily description entries with all their oddly acute use of vocabulary. Besides, anything can be funny if the joke is done right.

Forget the joke for a second, because the problem has moved beyond that. The main issue here is the response to the ensuing escalation. After some people commented on the Sixth Slave comic and how they didn't really think it was appropriate (for the record, some of these people were rape survivors, and they didn't even comment on the PA web site, but their own blogs), there was an armada of "but free speech" complaints and rape and death threats. It could've all died down then and there had Gabe and Tycho just said that the comic did not mean to belittle rape, but comment on the silliness of MMO quests. No, they fanned the flames with a flippant followup strip. And then there was the whole "Team Dickwolves" shirts, and that snowballed. The entire debacle has been fully chronicled here (page 1 & 2), if anyone wants the hard facts.

Of course, Krahulik posted an apology a few days ago with does seem genuine even though it still says "I'm sorry you were offended" (and not "sorry I offended you", big distinction). However, Krahulik does have a huge track record for putting his foot in his mouth, not just on this issue, but also regarding transgendered individuals. Only time will tell if he's truly changed.

And I'm sorry, this has nothing to do with being "figureheads" and whatnot, this is just about being a decent human being. No one's telling him to "shut up", but to have a care with the language he uses. That's just living in a society, not a vacuum.


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