Escapist News Now: Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Demo

Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Demo

Escapist News Now previews Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate.

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As much as I'm interested in an Arkham title on a handheld, what they showed here didn't exactly fill me with confidence about Blackgate. Whilst the voice-acting, comic-styled cinematics and graphics are a pleasant surprise, the gameplay just looks like a more basic version of Arkham: Origins. I understand that this is due to the technical limitations of the handheld console... but I don't believe that should be an excuse. If the technology isn't powerful enough, innovate. Change the gameplay to an extent where it makes it a different, but just as good experience compared to the console version.

I just don't think I could justify spending £40 on a stripped-down version of Arkham: Origins, but I'll wait to see more gameplay. Cheers for the information.


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