Zero Punctuation: Awards for 2008

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I'd have to agree, I enjoyed Saints Row 2 MUCH more than GTA IV. And I'm eagerly awaiting the last of the trilogy.

fish food carl:

Wouldn't Left 4 Dead be considered a horror game?

I considered that at the time, but I'm unsure if it counted as "survival horror". Sure, you need to survive, but it's different to those he mentioned. It falls under "zombie shooter".

It's true that's it's more about the survival than the horror, but I still think it counts :/

That was funny, if a bit short. That said I can't complain, I haven't started working normally since christmas either.

I haven't played Saints Row 2, but the first one was miserable.
I'd rather not play the sequel, and can imagine it could only be welcomed by somebody who has to play games for a living and gets very bored.

Not a review but still amusing. I was a little surprised at the praise given to Saints Row 2.

A good survival horror game DID come out this year. Siren Blood Curse to PS3.

Gamespot ended up giving MGS 4 some type of GOTY, but then again, since the Gerstmann thing my respect for them has gone from crawlingly low to GONE. I'd rather trust Yahtzee's Asshole Reviews Inc. on this than the lukewarm print drooled from a publishing monolith seeping ad money at the pores.

I was disappointed with this review on 2008. Half of the review was spent watching the titles of the awards and listening to that hard rock 'music' that would make crazy diamond turn in his grave. If I must listen to some music put something on that doesn't make my ears bleed for example some Jazz. I don't particularly like Jazz but it is better than that. Still Yahtzee's genus is still there and I enjoyed it, even though by the end I almost drowned in a pool of blood.

Wicked stuff, totally agree about SR2

This might just be the worst Zero Punctuation I've ever seen.


Well I was kind of hoping he'd do something like this. I actually suggested it in my response to the highlights reel, and I thought it was pretty good. Of course my idea was for something to do instead of a highlights reel. :)

At any rate, I don't agree with Yathzee on all things, but I also loved Saint's Row 2, it being one of the games I played non-stop all the way through to the end. GTA 4 didn't hold my attention that long. I do however tend to think that someone should take the ideas from both of these games, polish them, and smack them together. I for example liked a bit of the "filler" from GTA 4 such as the TV shows and such, and found myself wishing that Saint's Row 2 had a bit more of that kind of eye candy in it (though not at tne expense of gamability).

Also the way they set up the social elements with GTA 4 needed to be blasted. It started as a neat idea, but turned rapidly into an annoyance. I do however see the potential for something like that to be mixed with SR "Homies" providing they can liven it up a bit... and of course set it up so they don't call you. When your wandering around with a knife, looking for collectibles, and murdering passing pedestrians for a bit of extra pocket change, nothing is more jarring than "Hey, let's go on a date to the comedy club" and having to drop your exploration, and then come back afterwards. :P


I think Yahtzee might be being a bit too hard on the horror genere. Coming up with something truely unique (in any media) today is tricky. Add to this increased concerns about ratings even in the US, and then even tighter regulations in places like Australia if you want an international release, and well... it gets tricky.

The thing is that we've seen so many great horror games over a period of time, that almost everything seems like a retread. Also being adventure games, the idea is for the player character to ultimatly survive, so everything must be beatable/avoidable. Depending on which you go for, it rapidly turns into a "jog through everything" game, or a slaughter fest.

I see the potential to make some really intense games none the less, but the big question is not just whether they can be made, but whether anything better than what we're seeing will be allowed by censors.

Still, I've sort of had my eyes on "Fatal Frame Zero". While another sequel from a long running franchise series, I'm hoping it will be a more worthy game than most of what we saw in 2008.


It wasn't an actual review which was a shame but at least now I know that Yahtzee is planning on reviewing GoW2 and *fingers crossed* LBP. I was disappointed before by the lack of these reviews.

2008 really seemed like a crap year in gaming, especially through Yahtzee's eye. I found a couple of games last year I like which Yahtzee didn't review... mainly because they're JRPG's and he hates them as much as I hate westren RPGs. I guess it's all about opinions and I agree with Saint's Row 2 being best of 2008 because even though everywhere else said MGS4, I found the game to be rather poor in comparison to the older ones. Somehow I get the feeling that 2009 may not be much different(outside of Street Fighter IV) because again it look like another year of sequels, clones and hopefully the ultimate questions answered, which are when will Final Fantasy XIII be released so we can sit in our seats properly? and will a new innovative game that doesn't fall short at the finish line be released? Then again it's all about taste and personal opinions.

Also I hope that 2009 brings Yahtzee a new game in his top 5 because if a new game makes it in his top 5 you know it's got to be one of the best.

Mostly right on the money, especially about MGS4 and the horror genre. Actually makes me want to go out and try Saint's Row 2 despite the fact I am allergic to GTA 3&4. I am a bit sad about there being no review this week, but what the heck, it was a decent laugh.

P.S. Drop the theme song and go back to handpicked songs for every episode... ;)

Personally I think he should try Tomb Raider:Underworld before he berates it, but that's just me. I love it.

I found this video lacking in momentum and fun. Flow got broken in 200000000000000000.... parts with the sickening cracks of a person popping his finger joints....

Yahtzee is loosing it :( Less Game Damage and more Zero Punctuation in 2009 PLEASE!!!

fish food carl:

Was looking forward to this for a while now!

I bloody love it when Yahtzee doesn't review a game, but those who would post "FIRST!!!!!1" post that they were waiting for it. Same thing happened with the Clip-show.

Some speedy bannage is most definitely required to weed out the idiots.

I agree and think perma / IP bans need to be handed out for these, there has been some improvement since the "FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 posters" have been receiving week long bans to prevent them from doing it again the week after, and I know there's always going to be some new guy trying to get in there first, but do we really need these guys around taking up kilobytes of valuable server space, it's just not worth it in my opinion.

He whines and moans that there were no original titles this year but he fails to mention one of the most innovative console titles in years... LittleBigPlanet, it's like he's not allowed to mention it or something


Still, I've sort of had my eyes on "Fatal Frame Zero". While another sequel from a long running franchise series, I'm hoping it will be a more worthy game than most of what we saw in 2008.


Considering the state of sequels in this day and age, I fear for the release of anything new from the Fatal Frame title barn. Fatal Frame has to be one of the most overlooked and underrated series in the genre, and it would be a shame to see it get all RE4'd like Silent Hill did (not that RE4 was bad, just that it was done once and that felt like enough). Unless Zero is the best in the series, it will fall into obscurity after a brief lashing by those who know about and choose to snark on games thus driving it's mass potential into the ground.

I lol'd.

Do you find it creepy that people who comment your videos try to emulate the way you talk by using words like "Bloody" your ever so famous references to "tits" etc? Especially knowing most of them are probably very, very American. Like me.

Oh in case anyones cares My GOTY - Fallout 3 (My love for Bethesda is almost growing into fanboyism, but I still admit when they do something wrong, Fallout 3 however, was very right)and Left4Dead was easily runner up just for the sheer fun factor.

I chortled at some bits. Loved the "Copulating jelly baby" joke.

nice video...

i can bet that next year far cry 2 will be in the award for "the most grinding game"

and im pretty disapointed he only had one good award (its ZP what should i expect?) and that fallout 3 didint win it.... oh well always next year

Wow, you're giving your own award ceremonies? Can we expect one next year?

I kind of agree that I, along with many others, do have a hard time grasping whether or not your like a game, Yahtzee, but that's partly because you talk to fast at first, but I do watch your reviews several times so I eventually get it.

Also, you still have Mother 3 in mind for this year, right?

I actually don't mind the award show, though I think the music he used for the GDC show would have worked better for an awards show.

I am a little disappointed that it doesn't look like Little Big Planet is even in his queue for next year, as I wouldn't mind hearing what he had to say on the subject.

And I thought MGS4 maintained the stealth element pretty well

Finally, someone called out GTA4. I kind of wish there was a comparison between the PC version of GTA4 and STALKER: Clear Sky for the buggiest game of the year, but I think GTA4 would win that ward for, you know, not working at all.

I would have given GOTY (out of all his reviews) to Painkiller, though. They may not be the best games but they're still awesome and cathartic fun.

Well, it got more laughs out of me than some things, but this is probably one of my least favorite zero punctuations. I'm looking for reviews of games, so anything that isn't a game review is starting out on the wrong foot for me.

Also, I really liked Mirror's Edge and his constant bashing at it weakens my faith in his reviews. Typically I found them to be largely accurate and reflective of what I would think, but because we're at complete opposites of opinion I don't know if i can trust him any more. :(

I have to say that this was very enjoyable.

Oh good grief. I can't someone is already complaining. I had a lot of fun with this video and loved the titles for the awards. Way to go Saint's Row!

Um, one last thing, what was with the retarded video at the end?

"Thou shalt not attach retarded videos to the end of Zero Punctuation, unless said video is by Yahtzee." Reviews 3:28

Even though it was not a review of a game, I still think that it was funny. The titles for the awards were entertaining in themselves. If all you want to see is game reviews and all thats cool too, but try and realize that he does do some other stuff every once in a while to break the flow of the same thing week after week. Sometimes that break up in the middle is nice and then when the next week comes it will be back to reviews.

Who was that unfunny guy pasted on the end of the video?

Oh good grief. I can't someone is already complaining. I had a lot of fun with this video and loved the titles for the awards. Way to go Saint's Row!

Um, one last thing, what was with the retarded video at the end?

"Thou shalt not attach retarded videos to the end of Zero Punctuation, unless said video is by Yahtzee." Reviews 3:28

Dude, that was a new series to the escapist called "Unskipable" (SP)

Actually very funny, you should check it out.

By the way, nice review, actually somewhat enjoyed this one.

As ussual, I dissagree with his veiw points but like his videos because of the humor. Too bad that he had to use the theme song so much. I kept missing parts cause I didnt know when to unmute it. But seriously, Saints Row 2 GOTY? Why? I haven't played it, and it doesnt look bad, but it doesnt look nearly as good as the incredible qualities of Fallout 3, PoP, Left 4 Dead, GTA4, Gears 2 or Far Cry 2. I mean god, those are some of the best games I've ever pla- wait, no... I'm not gonna be one of those people that rants against Yahtzee... It's his opinion and he's entitled to it. BUT WAIT, HE SAYS THE PRINCE IS THE WORST CHARACTER OF THE YEAR?!?! WHAT THE HELL, MAN??

No surprise in Sonic Unleashed taking that award. Many people believe Sonic died after the Adventure series, but I believe it was all over after Sonic CD.

It seems everyone is hating on Yahtzee for his decision not to review a game every week. Well here's a question for you: have you ever called in sick to school/work to do something fun instead of going to school/work? If you have, then consider the clip show/awards show just like that and shut the fuck up about it already.

Yahtzee's certainly old enough to know what he's doing without being told off by picky wannabe fanboys. Unless you want to critique his choice of award winners and not the actual award show, go sit in the corner and shut up.

Hehehe.. the short at the end was hilarious.

Hattrick! This is the third week in a row that I've forgotten that ZP updates on wednesday, go online and finds a nice suprise. The last two times were in busy holiday season, I dunno what made me forget today. Anyway, not expecting it just makes it that much sweeter!

thats lame i love the new prince and the ending

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