Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Secret Cream

Secret Cream

Put on your poetry hats and join two of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation as they fill your ears with verse.

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Jim you have a talent for disturbing me.
Yahtzee's poem was hilarious.

That's probably the best thing we can hope for from a Sterling poem titled "Secret Cream".

Hey, Jim's gone crazy again.

Not quite as crazy as the Miltank incident, but it's close.

Well, one poet died on the job and another has gone batty nuggets. Hope the trip to the morgue and the mental asylum won't be a long one.

Excellent job, Yahtzee.

Jim... please seek professional help. We worry about you.

Jim, please. Never stop.

... well that was fun, wasn't it fellow viewers.
Now I have no idea what to comment.

No idea at all.
I guess I should just say that I love both of them. Yahtzee feels like a king of Comedy whilst Jim can stir some shit up (Ha). I do love them both very much, keep up the good work guys.

That was odd, Jim.

I admit I liked Yahtzee's better this week. It was funny.

Milltank was on a level of insanity so far above this, but still funny nonetheless. Particularly the sound effect at the end.

Yahtzee, what a cheerful satire of stealth games. Warmed my heart, it did.

And Jim, I thank bog that it was only chicken shit...

Hey, Jim's gone crazy again.

Not quite as crazy as the Miltank incident, but it's close.

Get the pills,Jim's lost it again. But to fair,it's mot as bad as the Miltank incident.

Yahtzee's poem was great and entertained me much as I stared at my featureless wall and blocked out those awful tapping footsteps behind me.

Jim's poem was definitely not shitty and left me with with few words. Mostly kweh.

Jim leaves me a little mind boggled once again. Yahtzee's poem was entertaining. I'm guessing that it's meant to criticise crap stealth games with dumb guards that demand combat.

Well.......at least the "secret cream" wasn't the OTHER creamy substance that chocobos can produce. When he mentioned that his uncle was a breeder of chocobos, I started to get a little worried. >.>

On a more serious note: great poems from both poets. Yahtzee said what everyone already thinks: stealth-game henchmen are fucking morons. And Jim delights once again by simply using something from gaming as a launching point into a dark mind of madness. I really like how his poems are more "free-style" and simply creating a completely new world that references games rather than - more like Yahtzee - actually making a parody of certain aspects of games.

THIS is why I still say Jim is the superior poet. Yahtzee's stuff is great and entertaining, but he takes us to worlds we've already visited in his own comedic style. Jim takes us to worlds we've never been to.

HA! :) If you think about it, both pomes today had a similar element.

Someone who didn't see/believe something that would be obvious to anyone.
Yahtzee was a guard who didn't notice there was obviously an intruder near by, and Jim......Was a crazy man covering himself in chicken poop, thinking it was from a chocobo.

Hmmm...which person was dumber/more out of touch with reality?

Good show! =w= b

I expected jizz and feared for the deprivation that may ensue - so am pleasantly surprised to find it was simply, poo.

I'm sort of disturbed by jims poem still not as bad as his Miltank of Ekans poems thougth

Jim's ending had me chuckling :P

And I really enjoyed Yahtzee's. His was clever and funny. But the shock ending of Jim's (didn't see that sound effect coming) had me actually chuckle.

Man I love this show.

very strange. first time ive ever watched this.

so what viewing figures is it getting compared to other shows here?

Huh. I was just playing Splinter Cell Blacklist and I could've sworn I encountered a guard doing that same patrol pattern yesterday. Which means... no.. I KILLED YAHTZEE! Noooooooooooo...

I love this series you guys are both great. I love how varied your styles are too Jim's insanity and Yahtzee's sardonic parody are both halarious

Oh Jim, you have made my heart happy this day. For this I thank you.

brilliant work, both of you! Yahtzee, you have a way with creating such vivid imagery from the perspective of a soon-to-be-dead mook in a stealth game. Those thoughts will now haunt me when I waste a guard in my next play through of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Jim, every time I see the glow of your iPad illuminating your face, I just know, deep in my soul, something mind bogglingly insane will happen. You did not disappoint to day. I actually felt relieved it turned out to be poop.

I think Jim Sterling is a disturbed person.

Yahtzee's a comedic genius! I saw where his poem was going from a mile away, but it still made me laugh!!

I knew I'd be freaked out by a poem called "Secret Cream" annnnd I was! It got really weird towards the end.

Ahahaha, both were great. Rare to laugh at both poems in the same video, but this one did it!

Yahtzees poem was spot on satire and brilliantly executed.

... okay that ending was actually kinda epic.

Jim wins this week.

Oh Lordy Jim, that ending nearly killed me. Both Yahtzee and Jim no how to make poetry fun.


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