Escapist News Now: New Assassin's Creed Games Announced

New Assassin's Creed Games Announced

Today Ubisoft revealed that they are adding to their mega successful Assassin's Creed franchise with a console port and a new mobile game.

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This is just way too much now really, in my opinion. I think I harp on about this whenever we get the announcement of yet another AC title, but really what I'd actually give to have to wait a couple of years for another AC game like we did back in the days of AC2. I remember actually getting excited about that game.

I never really cut myself up over not being able to play this Vita AC game so I can't see myself rushing out to pick it up on 360. I can't imagine I'll be missing out on any major part of the AC story (does it even still have one?) by not playing it. As for the mobile game - well, maybe if it costs less than a pound, I'll think about it.

The guys over at Rock Paper Shotgun summed up my feelings about the Assassin's Creed franchise with their article on this story:

"Of all the things that my PC needs right now, another Assassin's Creed game is somewhere near the bottom of the list, right near the Bing Toolbar, the Bing Desktop and Bing."

Shame that they've already oversaturated the fuck out of the Assassin's Creed brand, because playing as a black, female protagonist in that time period would've been interesting.

Also, for all the bitching Ubisoft does about demanding their new IPs to be sellable franchises, they certainly go out of the way to beat them to death.

Ubisoft I told you, your not getting any more money out of me for Assassin's Creed games. After that shambolic mess that was AC3 I am done with that bloated, soulless husk of a franchise. It's a shame, AC2 was once up there on my list of favourite games. Not anymore though.

What was the point of putting it on the Vita if they're just going to port the damn thing for consoles


Clever Ubisoft

playing as a female sounds good. but if the game is good enough and if the price is not over the top, i might consider it.

I will continue to love free climbing in all its glorious wonder. So until another game gives me a chance to do that while systematically assassinating people, assassins creed will have my attention. Its a pity i don't like giving my money to ubisoft, i feel like a strung out tenant that has to begrudgingly pay their evil landlord just to spend another night curled up in their warm favourite duvet, sobbing themselves to sleep

Huzzah! AC Liberation on consoles! I've been waiting for this for a long time! Thank ya Ubisoft~!


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