Amazing PC Case Mods

I hope #3's dials are actually functional. That's the coolest one, as long as they are.

About number 3... I'm not sure if it's just promotional material, or made by some really rabid fan of the game, but...
So, a bit less Charles Babbage, a bit more wall-jumping TPS with pulp-steampunk motorcycles.
Also, on your left there, children, is what's called underboob. Damn, I've been coming here a long time...

Never been big on aesthetic case mods, myself... Have built a few from scrap, though.

Those are great. Especially the Lego one gave me ideas for how to finally get a case where my CPU cooler fits.

I had something much much more awesome running a couple months ago: A big-ass croissant box with some holes cut out and with Lego and bubble wrap inside to support the mainboard. It was so little that I needed to ditch it when I switched to an ATX size mainboard, and the DVD drive barely fit in beside - and to some extent on - the motherboard.

Can the NES one actually play NES games in some fashion? It would be kinda ironic if it couldn't.

#1, the TARDIS one doesn't really count as a case mod seeing as it's not really a modified case but a kit that you can buy if you've got loads of disposable income to spend on a case.

I made an NES HTPC (Home Theater PC). I love that PC. I even set it up to use an NES controller plugged into the actual NES controller ports. Not to sound cocky, but mine is better. :-P

Wolverine from Sweclockers has some pretty baller cases aswell

No mention of the Mars City case? For shame.

Best Case Scenario


Can the NES one actually play NES games in some fashion? It would be kinda ironic if it couldn't.

So long as it has the horsepower necessary for a NES emulator (very, very little... even 15 years ago) and a free USB port...

Some of those are pretty smart. I do like the Damnation one in particular. However I prefer my pc to just be a huge black monolith standing in the corner, quiet, but strong and obedient.

OK, the second I graduate high school and sit my final exams, I'm gonna get to work on building a replica of No. 2. It just looks so cool. In the mean time, I'm happy with the big black pillar of doom humming away by my feet.

All incredibly excellent, including that Mars city diorama above. Although, I am somewhat saddened to see that Persocom cases appear to have fallen out of fashion.

Amazing PC Case Mods

A PC isn't truly yours until you've customized the case. See what others have done to personalize their PC.

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