Dragon Fantasy Book II Review - Cracked Nostalgia

Dragon Fantasy Book II Review - Cracked Nostalgia

Is Dragon Fantasy Book II a blast from the past or a fizzle of the future?

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Damn this is out? Where's the mobile release data though? Eh, still looks worth of a purchase in my book.

I haven't seen this mentioned in any other reviews for this game so I am going to assume that this bothers only a small amount of people.

Starting at level 26 is a real bummer for me. It's like starting a Zelda game with some of the weapons and tools that you would normally collect in dungeons. Building up a JRPG character from Level 1 is satisfying, for me while starting with my character partially leveled up just kinda sucks.

Now when I think back to the SNES days the only JRPG that I remember starting with high leveled characters was Lufia 1 and that was really just a flashback and only lasted about 20 minutes. Then the real game began with your Level 1 character.

I also think the quest log sucks and I learned right away just to ignore the side quests.


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