No Right Answer: Required Viewing Before You Die

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Required Viewing Before You Die

You know the shows you tell yourself you'll watch when you get the time? What if you die tomorrow? What should be on the top of your to-do list?

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LOST I saw the occasional episode when it was out, but I wasn't interested and didn't keep watching.

Firefly I saw the first episode of online and while I chuckled at the dinosaur toy scene, I wasn't interested enough to keep watching.

Got anything else for me?

Dan looked like a hostage being held at gunpoint during the post credit Expo ticket pitch. :D

As for the show, I wouldn't try to get a friend into LOST at this stage. Honestly, when you know the ending to it then it just seems mean to try and get someone to invest in it. Don't get me wrong, I was right there with everyone else when it all went on. But in hindsight, it's a lot of pomp and circumstance and very little actual substance.

But Firefly is great. I don't trumpet it as highly as some, but it's very fun to watch if for nothing else than to see Nathan Fillion having a lot of fun playing his character.

You guys gave it to lost over firefly? I too like to live dangerously.

Hey didn't the Battlestar Galactica reboot and Eureka come out after Firefly?
Also Castle.

I started watching lost many years ago and pretty much coasted my way through the first two seasons but around season 3 I just got tired of the constantly hanging plot threads so I gave up on it.

Firefly is short and sweet. To its benefit its short run of solid episodes makes just picking a random episode from the pack still an enjoyable experience.

So given the option between a 13 episode + a movie light journey versus a 6 season slog I'm going to take the shorter one.

Yeah I would of when with LOST to as it was thanks to that show, every show intro had to be super short (well ok 24 did it first but LOST kind of made it popular)!

Also I guessing Hurley spin off show would of been like this-

When you say "Required viewing before you die", most people would probably assume you mean "this show will change your life for the better because you have watched it". You guys seem to mean "if you haven't watched this show, you'll be the odd one out around the water cooler". That's a valid premise for another show...but it's not a "required before you die".

"required viewing before you die" implies that the show is over but you would recommend someone go and watch it. No one's going to recommend seeing Lost because THERE'S NO PAYOFF! It might be fun while it lasted, but once it's over you say "that's it?!?" and move on (see also Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, and many others). Frankly, you could have said the same thing about Firefly except they got a movie (Serenity) that actually tied up most of their loose ends.

Maybe you need another round of "Show that made you feel like a loser if you weren't watching". You might need to put Showtime and HBO in their own separate round...

The first two series of Lost are great but thats about it. It felt like the writers kept throwing more mystery poop at the script and kept what stuck.

I watched the many series? I dunno, but I know I haven't seen the ending and I just don't care enough to see it to this day.

Firefly lost?

fuck this shit


Chris, I'm coming for you, you better hide that cat.

I watched the first 3 episodes of Lost and just knew it would keep putting in random stuff, because apparently thats mysterious, and would dig itself into such a deep hole that no ending ever would be able to justify half the previously mentioned stuff!

No, NO I SAID! I will not be part of this nonsense... so I watched FLCL instead!

As for shows that started major trends and are still talked about today... Dragonball maybe? It had alot of impact on many of the shows I love today.


I'm sorry but it needs to be done.


LOST? Remove and/or spoil the 'mystery box' and you don't need to watch because that was the big draw point for the show.

Firefly would would still have the characters, action and comedy to sustain it after reading the plot synopsis.

Shame on you Chris for going for LOST.

Kyle, you managed to make Firefly loose to LOST of all shows. That is just sad.

I think Kyle won it, not because he made a better argument for Firefly (that show sucked), but because he demolished Lost. The best explanation of it was "like holding off a sneeze for 6 years". Lost had its moments, but it was about nothing (glorified Seinfeld?)

Shows that people are still talking about today, that were awesome since the beginning, that change television (at least the quality of it) and that one MUST watch? I could name Breaking Bad and The Wire, but people will have their own opinions.

Most lost fans like to pretend the series never happened after the atrocity that was the last two seasons and the ending. They obviously had no idea what they were doing. There was nothing in the mystery box. I know a lot of people felt conned. They simply had no plan, no payoff, hey just kept asking more and more ridiclous questions and pulling more shit out of their asses.

I WANT TO BELIEVE that there is a good reason you guys did a "Required TV Viewing Before You Die" episode without mentioning a certain show that happens to be celebrating it's 20th anniversary this very week. A certain show that without, JJ Abrams wouldn't have a career and many more fantasy/sci-fi shows wouldn't exist.

Come on guys...
Breaking Bad Vs My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

I'd say Lost is one of the top shows to avoid watching

Being given the chose to recommend one of those two shows to a person before they died i would have to go with firefly, due to i still enjoy re-watching firefly & do not enjoy re-watching lost.

I watched the first 3 episodes of Lost and just knew it would keep putting in random stuff, because apparently thats mysterious, and would dig itself into such a deep hole that no ending ever would be able to justify half the previously mentioned stuff!

No, NO I SAID! I will not be part of this nonsense... so I watched FLCL instead!

As for shows that started major trends and are still talked about today... Dragonball maybe? It had alot of impact on many of the shows I love today.


Both of those shows are great and I'd absolutely do a round 2 of this including either FLCL or DBZ. Lost definitely can't touch the insanity of either!

I hate both of those shows -_-

Lost is boring and Firefly is mediocre. Nothing great, but nothing terrible either. I fell asleep after drinking 3 cups of joe after watching the first 3 episodes of Lost and Firefly (this was the middle of the day too and I had over 9 hours of sleep prior).

That isn't a good thing.

Not my favorite defense here. On a real pick, I'd say if you haven't watched M*A*S*H you are missing out on something. Geek wise, Firefly.

Firefly all the bloody way. It took me years to get into it (after the movie premiered) but when I first watched it, I loved it. The world building was spectacular, Whedon is one of the best writers when it comes to managing multiple characters well, and you've got BIG DAMN HEROES! It changed the industry and, without it, maybe Whedon never would been given a chance to direct The Avengers. Think on that for a bit.

As for LOST...seriously, I don't care about that show even when everyone talked about it. Still don't know what happened, never been spoiled, and I will probably never care. No one talks about it at all. Firefly however everyone talks about it. Still.

(I'd still say M*A*S*H would be a better, non-geek pick though.)

Babylon 5 by a country mile, After being drowned on the drool that was Star Trek and TNG it was refreshing to watch a well written series where they actually dared to show the humans as the bad guys and conspirators.

I agree with the outcome.

Firefly was a good show but it's far from 'required' viewing. I don't see what makes Firefly so special when compared to shows like The Simpsons, Star Trek TNG, etc. Lost as a whole disappointing, but the series felt like more of a memorable lasting experience than Firefly.

I really don't know what shows I'd consider to be 'required viewing'. The first and only one that truly comes to mind is Batman: TAS. The stories told in that show along with its visual design are memorable and fantastic. It introduced new characters to the mythos and has always felt like the definitive Batman iteration on screen.

Breaking Bad could be a solid candidate depending on how it ends and how memorable it withstands the test of time as years pass.

Hell, if Lost was a nominee (and actually won), why not just throw it up there with the Sopranos? That show was equally garbage with an equally garbage ending.

Personally I'd say Avatar: The Last Airbender should be the winner. For the case as to why: go watch the Nostalgia Critic episode-by-episode vlogs on the matter. I had already seen the series before watching him watch the series, but it's really fun to see someone go from "never seen the show" to "holy shit this is now my favorite show of all time". I think that right there is argument enough. :P

Point of order: Firefly had 14 episodes.

People often confuse the first episode "Serenity" for the movie of the same name. They are two distinct things.


I love love LOOOVE fire fly, but I don't think it meets your #3 requirement. I see no shift caused by Fire Fly. I also don't see Lost as meeting the #2 requirement. The only thing people talk about it now is the disappointing ending.

I certainly would have had Avatar: The Last Airbender as one of the options here. with out Avatar, I don't think shows like Adventure time or even My Little Pony would exist in their current form with their current fan bases. Not sure what it should go up against it, maybe Seinfeld or The Simpsons.

So... what you're saying is... it put JJ Abrams on the map so he could ruin Star Trek and Star Wars? Huh... didn't think I could hate lost any more than I already did. Thanks guys!

LOST was terrible. It's insulting to the viewers and its insulting to even still talk about it. Firefly was at least novel in some of the themes it was trying to pull off. But LOST? C'mon...

I find it's true what Robot Chicken said about Lost: "Heroes is way better, because they actually answer their mysteries. On Lost, they have no idea what they're doing!" I say if you want a J.J. Abrams show done right (meaning he has to share creative duties with people who can pull back on his chain), watch Fringe. It's got cool characters, a monster-of-the-week format that runs alongside the season-long arcs, and their mysteries have satisfying payoffs.

Even going by the criteria listed in the beginning (that a show must still be talked about to this day) Lost pretty much loses. Does anyone still talk about it? Honestly? Certainly not as much as Firefly. Lost is simply a mess of directionless writing and audience disappointment.

And they had the key to the secret? Excuse me while I go laugh my ass off. The writers and producers of Lost had less idea where it was going than the audience. Which at least partially explains why what few answers they did give were all various fan theories that had been around since Season 1.

I have to agree with people here. Firefly is, not only the better now, but still is more appreciated and talked about today.

I also agree that M*A*S*H and Avatar: The Last Air Bender are must sees. No excuses.

Luckily, I've seen both so I can die satisfied.

I had no idea there was so much hate for Lost. I mean I knew the ending was a little divisive but I count Lost amongst the greatest shows ever. I loved the characters, I loved the mysteries, and the weirder it got the more hooked I became. Did anyone here love Lost besides me? I'm feeling very alone right now...

I also don't know how someone refuses to watch Firefly. That is also one of the greatest TV shows ever created.

Why does everybody hate Lost? Lost was a damn good show, even without the mysteries. There were lots of fascinating characters who went through incredible and dramatic story arcs, all of which intersect in a brilliantly complex web that you only slowly start to see. And if you actually paid attention, most of the mysteries were answered.

Ya, the ending bombed, but that doesn't change the fact that the first 5 seasons were masterful in their ability to twist audience expectations, invoke curiosity and intrigue, and develop deep characters who could understand and sympathize with. Many shows have tried to copy it, and all have failed miserably because what it did was very hard to do.

Not the best show ever but certainly the most ambitious.

Firefly was good too, but there just isn't much there. It's a simple little unassuming show that doesn't really break new ground or do anything particularly amazing.


LOST should never have won this, it just isn't a very good show. Moreover no one really talks about it anymore, so most of these points didn't make sense to me. Also, do you guys deliberately drink slowly to give each other time to speak? I can sort of respect that, but it rather defeats the purpose.

When it comes to the hype about Lost...I think back to the hype about Game of Thrones.

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