Robert De Niro in Movies

Robert De Niro in Movies

Robert De Niro has been amazing everyone since the 70s so we're going through and giving you a rundown of some of his best performances and quotes. Be prepared for some salty language.

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When I go to the news section this is now the the first section I get.
1 opinion piece, 1 video by Yahtzee, 2 recycled videos and 4(!!!) of these bloody gallery things, some or all of which are also recycled.

I use to love coming to this site but man... just stop okay?

Okay, now we've really hit the bottom of the barrel. What's going on, you guys? Would you let me write some new articles for you, or is there something you're not telling us?

I am gonna say this, I didn't think Taxi Driver was that great of a movie and not Martin Scorsese's magnum opus.

Heck Mean Streets was better.

Paid promotion articles have stopped as well, so i imagine the site's on it's last legs.

Take-Two probably decided to milk it until the domain name expires and then shut it down.

So did they can Ron Whitaker or what?

Johnny Novgorod:
So did they can Ron Whitaker or what?

At this point, its probably a safe bet to assume he's gone


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