Escapist News Now: Valve Announcement Today

Valve Announcement Today

No, it's not Half Life 3.

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At the end of the day, HL3 might be mentioned. Probably not today day, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was on the third announcement though.

We'll see. I sure will watch those "unveiling".

"No, it's not Half Life 3."

*closes video and goes to sulk in the corner*

Considering the size of my steam library, more places to play those games will certainly benefit me. I'll have to see what the features are. A steam box is difficult because of the wide range of pc specs for gaming. However, if done right, we'll see a computer standard that may be able to outpace consoles if they offer different models (standard, premium, demigod) and so can advance year by year instead of five year closed consoles.

I still don't think they will be able to do anything about multiplayer titles unless the steam box becomes popular as pc titles are not generally made with a large screen and multiple controllers in mind.

But this announcement may be deciding if something else is going to be sitting next to my console this coming year.

Half Life 3 as a Steam-box console-exclusive launch-date game maybe? Please?

If it really can play all my Steam games, I would be very interested in this. I have quite a few already and I don't see my library shrinking anytime soon, and my PC is a Mac so having a single "console" dedicated to running the games would be a much better investment than trying to replace the thing I both work AND play on. Hell depending on when it's supposed to come out, I might buy this first before any console and decide later how much I really want a PS4. Most of the AAA games I like to play are on Steam as well as console, anyway.

And no HL3? The bastards, why do you toy with us so :-(

-Has a huge picture of Gordon Freeman on the main page header for "Valve Announcement Today"

-"No, it's not Half Life 3"

Kind of shady, is it not?

Hmm... Show me a controller Gabe. I'm interested. :o

You had to show that picture of Gaben naked with the grapes? My parents walked into my room at that exact moment. >.>

Never seen that news-commenter before. I like him.

Also, since I never played or game a crap about Half-life 1 or 2 (I grew up with a Mac), Half-Life 3 does not interest me.
However, what DOES interest me is WHY it hasn't been produced yet. I'm a sucker for a good mystery. So, what do you guys think?
Personally, my votes for Gabe getting drunk one day and losing the IP on a poker-match to EA.

(In all seriousness tho, why? Anyone have a plausible idea? I really want to know).

If Half-Life 3 doesn't get announced I'm going to punch a Koala Bear. Did you hear that Valve?

But seriously, I hope Valve gets all this OS/console stuff out of their system quickly so they can refocus on making actual games again. All these side projects feel so unnecessary and aren't really what people want.

Agh! No, don´t change Andrea for this guy... I didn't like her that much... But this guy? C'mon!!


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