Escapist News Now: Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass

Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass

Warner Bros revealed even more new skins for the upcoming action game.

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The best costume is definitely the one where you don't pay 20 bucks for fucking campaign missions.

So $20 for one new mission pack and four skin packs. . . that don't add extra content. . . that seems like a lot // For $20 you'd expect half a new game

Oh well

Also, if I was to choose I think I'd go with the Gotham by Gaslight skin


This season pass is bollocks...not buying any of them...

As far as my fave costume, I'd have to say Knightfall, just b/c it is so different.

But yeah...I am waiting for the Ult Edition to come out for $40 bucks, b/c they already screwed me out of my money on Arkham City.


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