EXP: Bad Marriage Movie Reviews - Prisoners

Bad Marriage Movie Reviews - Prisoners

John and Jessi imprison Dr. Bella French for a titillating review of Prisoners.

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Okay, so I just sat through all of these Bad Marriage Movie Reviews because people were talking about how horrible it is and whatnot, which I found quite comparable to Jim Sterling's initial starting. I remember watching the first few Jimquisitions and I definitely thought that Jimquisition was god awful in those first 3-4 videos. Even watching them again now, they're still awful, but Jim Sterling listened to whatever constructive criticism there was (you know, after wading through all of the hate) and his show improved as he got a better handle of the production and his persona.

To start, i will say that a) it wasn't as bad as people were saying and b)I'm glad that this isn't a full feature of the Escapist. I see promise in you guys, but you're not quite ready for big-time yet. I'm not the biggest fan of MovieBob, but I at least respect him because, through his flaws, he does have some experience in the realm of the film industry and as a movie critic. He's got a bit of a weight behind him and he's got his personality worked out well enough, like how Jim Sterling is now or Yahtzee. You guys aren't at that level yet and, also, as reviewers, you feel more casual. This isn't a bad thing as I think that your schtick idea has some merit and can be mildly amusing at times. You got a few chuckles and smiles out of me, but maybe I'm just easily pleased. Regardless, your schtick works for you, but it needs more improvement.

For one, get rid of any guest stars that aren't dogs. The sub-plot this episode didn't work at all and a lot of the dialogue felt unnatural and painfully delivered because of the third party getting in the way of you two playing off of each other. Your couple bickering is smile/chuckle-worthy at best right now and the third person detracted from what skill you do have. I think, with time, you two as yourselves will grow and get better because you do feel more natural at this when you're together, or even when you're playing that you're not together.

That said, we'll move on to you two. I can see you getting a nice rapport after a while, getting better and growing into your roles. Stay with the schtick, as it works for you, and just do what comes natural. Your earlier videos suffered from too much schtick, though, but the family one (the Robert DeNiro one) had a more balanced amount of review and schtick, which is what you should aim for. Don't go to either extreme, is what I'm saying.

I'm getting pretty tired over here now and unfortunately my criticism will suffer for this, but if I don't write this now and then go to sleep, I'll lose this when I get up again.

I just want to end this by noting some technical and production issues. It definitely seems cheaper, but that's not too bad. Where it ultimately suffers is the audio. The audio deadens you a bit and makes you come off more bland than I think you really are. I'm no technical person so I can't exactly say how to fix this, I just thought that I would note it in the hopes that you'd figure it out.

Overall, this has promise, but practice, practice, practice. Develop your banter a bit better. Practice it so that it feels more natural. Less guests that aren't dogs. Fix some technical issues. Remember to keep a healthy amount of both bickering and actual review. I really hope that you guys do improve.

You guys definitely aren't Smosh Games level bad, that much is for sure. When that was here, that absolutely -was- dreadful. This isn't that dreadful.


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