rain Review

rain Review

A dreary and intriguing world with lackluster gameplay.

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In later chapters, where the levels start to look a little like an MC Escher painting

MC Escher is not known for his paintings, which he did very few of. He was a graphic artist, known for his drawings and lithographs, which he was prolific in.

The review makes this game sound like a failed ICO (absolutely love that game; there's never been anything like it, IMO) or Limbo, and that's a shame, because, otherwise, the premise of the game sounds very interesting. I may still give this game a try through Gamefly simply because it is, at least aesthetically, a significant departure from the mainstream AAA dross. (Gods! All the hatred these days against mainstream AAA, I'm starting to sound like some kind of pretentious hipster (yes, I know that's a redundant statement) gamer.)

BTW, in my opinion, Gamefly is a godsend business model to allow access to gaming without making one feel like they have to take out a second mortgage just to play a few games. I wonder if Jim might one day do some pontifications on Gamefly. I'd be interested to hear what he thinks.

Is it odd how the biggest problem for me is how they called it "rain" instead of "Rain"? Being an indie game does not give you a grammar proof shield.

I don't even care for this type of game (except ICO) but there should be a law somewhere that says every title must have proper grammar. Punishment would be a month of intensive English courses and a fine.

I always thought it looked kinda boring, i´m not really that fond of all these mopey indie games and this game really seems to be one of the worst offenders. Trying to appear important and meaningful by being as one-note as possible.

I hope i´m wrong, but for now i´m ignoring this game, there´s isn´t really anything about it that intrigues me.

I'm highly interested in this game, but I've only a Vita. I sure hope it gets ported at some point.

I with the review was a little bit more detailed regarding length, any replayability, etc.

The creatures you'll encounter look very unique

Tsk, tsk. Who's editing this magazine these days? There are no varying degrees of uniqueness; something is either unique or it isn't.

/Grammar Nazi


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