The Big Picture: Schlocktober 2013: Puppet Master

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Schlocktober 2013: Puppet Master

Schlocktober returns with Puppet Master and its sequels.

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It always amazes me that even the bloodies and gory of franchises manages to put time aside for merchandising. Good thing the puppets were the center pieces.

I love these movies. I even had a Blade figurine, but it broke.

Yay Schlocktober! Always appreciate getting to satisfy the part of my brain which has always wondered what these movies are about without having to sit through them.

Christ, it's been a year again already?

How time flies. This also reminded me about how much 'killer toys' were a thing in the 90's.

Dem were the day :D

I remember a Puppet Master like movie that had killer dolls, but also a semi naked small woman fighting tarantulas, an alien cop (circa Dirty Harry) that lived in something close to a Mad Max world, and Claudia Christian (Ivanova in Babylon 5) as a full size Terminator-like killer. I also remember that the movie changed in tone constantly, so if I did zapping, I would get to the movie a few minutes later thinking it was an entirely different thing.

Since I can't seems to remember the movie that well, and couldn't stop thinking about it while watching this feature, I challenge the escapist community: Is the movie I remember real or just an alcohol induced vivid dream?

I love it when Bob does these Schlocktober episodes. I remember Puppet Master from my youth. Can't wait to see what gets rolled out next week!

YES! Schlocktober is back and its first episode focused on one of my favorite movie series from Full Moon Entertainment. Thank you, Bob! ^_^

I started with Puppet Master 4 and worked my way through the series plus any other Full Moon features I could get hold of (I recommend Subspecies but I haven't watched all of them). Just thinking about these movies takes me back to my youth and the multiple video stores that were in my neighborhood (which led to each one being closed down as time went by). I even had the toys and comics for awhile during the 90s. I will say 1-5 were the best (if you ignore the continuity goofs it had) and the rest afterwards were rather lame. I have yet to see the last two prequels. Can anyone tell me if they're worth watching or just pass on them?

BTW. If anyone is feeling nostalgic about Full Moon, look up the Radiodrome podcast of Empire/Full Moon at 12:01 Beyond to gain a better understanding of the rise of the direct-to-video movie company. Matter of fact, Bob could do a multi-parter on Band and his rise to popularity during the video boom of the 80s.

Awesome start, Bob. Can't wait for the next episode. =D

I'm rather curious now...

Do you think Puppet Master inspired the Child's Play movies?

Holy crap I love Shlocktober!

As much as I dislike most of the movies covered in Schlocktober I love these episodes. It is nice to have a look into movies without me having to watch them.

Great episode.

I somehow was surprised that you were doing Schlocktober and today is the first of October. Not sure how I missed that one, but neat.

I've only seen the first and maybe the second of these.. and I actually remember liking them quite a bit despite npt generally being a schlocky B (or less) grade horor movie fan. They really are just fun to watch with some really well designed and memorable characters.

I love these movies. I even had a Blade figurine, but it broke.

Presumably while out fighting against various nazi figurines?

Man, I'm kind of sick of October being "Halloween month" now, and as far as Schlocktober is concerned, this wasn't even that good of a premiere for this year. Well, at least, it can only get better.

... WUT?, how did I miss this series!?.

Amazing start Bob!, I can't belive it's already october and we can finally get our anual 5 Shlocktober episodes! :D

It's christmas halloween all over again! :D

Correction: It's Autumn at the Escapist and that means it's the return of JACK-O-LATERN SMILEY FACES!!!!! :D

OT: The Puppet Master has always been one of my "guilty pleasure" favorite franchises. Cheesy? Yes. Doesn't make a lot of sense? Yes. But damnit I love me some murderous puppet action.

Always reminds me of that Bush song "Little Things That Kill". :3

Bob went through that whole episode without showing a single clip from family guy...

Nice one Bob, I always look forwart to Schlocktober. I wonder if this is the year you give some love to the Killer Tomatoes

Schlocktober's back already? Hooray! Wow, that was fast from last year's to this one. Now that IS scary.
So what's the theme for this year? Haunted toys?

These films are easily more watchable than THIS!


I'm rather curious now...

Do you think Puppet Master inspired the Child's Play movies?

nah, I'm pretty sure it was this

I have the first three Puppet Master movies on VHS, the small figures of Blade, Six Shooter, Leech Woman, Tunneler, Torch, Jester, Pinhead, and a Totem, as well as the cheap 12 inch Blade, I adore Puppet Master - other than Curse, Retro, the cash in title(legacy), Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys, and Axis of Evil. I have not heard of Axis Rising, stopped paying attention, not sure I should subject myself to that, although Axis wasn't all bad, it wasn't garbage like Curse, just didn't have the magic of the first five.

Also recommend Subspecies as Mr. Q has.

My Favorite is Torch, I wanted the $200.00 'authentic' Torch, but that's 200 I don't have, like ever.


Schlocktober is back bitches!
It's fun to learn or rediscover older schlocky horror movies, especially a series like the puppet master. The whole nazi theme in some of the films were always bizarre to me, but in an odd way, it works. Then again, it's a series about living puppets who can't decide to be evil or good with a clusterfuck of a backstork.

Time to post a vaguely related song

I NEVER got to comic con without hitting the Full Moon booth. I own the Puppet Master boxset and watch them constantly to torture my GF (who also has a puppet phobia)

I remember watching the second one years and years ago and absolutely loving it.

It's probably one of my favorite silly horror movies ever.


I remember seeing one or two of these as a teenager on cable. Nothing to brilliant, as Bob says, but generally better crafted than a lot of the lower-budget, "hey, red corn syrup is cheap, let's make a horror movie" films of the era.

I have to wonder, though, if it becomes harder to take the not-terribly-serious movies even vaguely seriously after having taken in Robot Chicken.

Bob, PLEEEEEASE bring up and do a full episode just on Dollman. That is one of the greatest movies even committed to video. Jackie Earle Haley screaming literally every minute on camera that he's on, shitty one liners, and possibly the great stunt ever performed. Please, DO IT.

Also, great review. I have never seen Puppet Master, but I did see Demonic Toys. If it has something resembling a plot (and from your take, it kind of does), I might check these out. Great review.

I really enjoyed this episode. I'm a long time fan of Charles Band, and Full Moon. So of course I love the Puppet Master series.

I think that it is a shame that you only do movie reviews for your Halloween themed stuff Bob. There are so many things you could do with a Halloween themed analysis show of the sort of stuff you look at that it feels like you're only tapping into a fraction of the show's potential by having the theme for October being movie reviews every year.

I still like vs Demonic Toys.
Its in my personal Continuity :3

I've heard of the Puppet Master movies, or at least the first few of 'em, but I've never seen them. And you know what? I think I still won't.

Safe to say that this is a series I will never, ever watch. I don't care if it's good or not, I'm staying away. Talking toys, dummies, puppets, whatever...that's where I draw the line. They freak me right out, although I admit that it is impressive hearing how much world building went into this series.

This movie series was terrifically horrible, but that didn't stop my friends and I from having a Puppet Master movie marathon every Halloween. And I'll never forget the nightmare I had in which I was being chased by a flying Tunneler.

Ah, good times. Makes me want to watch the whole series again.

I might actually have to check this out. Off to my local video store!

Love this movie, great choice. Probably the wackiest slasher series ever.

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