Escapist Expo: Top 5 Geek Movies of 2013

Top 5 Geek Movies of 2013

Lisa Foiles likes lists - she's made this clear on multiple Top 5 shows on The Escapist - so she is enlisting the help of the rest of the gang to nail down exactly what are the best cinematic experiences this year. From Pacific Rim to Iron Man 3, from Star Trek Into Darkness to Gravity, the panel will hash out the best geek movies of this year, and leave a special place in their hearts for The Hobbit - Part Two in December.

Chris Pranger
Dan Epstein
Bob Chipman
Lisa Foiles

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I can't be sure what that white stuff on Bob's jacket is. From the amount of hair he currently sports, I'm guessing it isn't a horrible case of dandruff...

Love these videos, just wish the audio didn't echo like it did. Made it hard to understand them at times.

Respect for Bob for not getting hung up about adaptations.

Man of Steel was awful, but World War Z was actually really good. Into Darkness was woeful, Elysium was great. Gravity was amazing.

nice, thanks for the post
and !vote MovieBob
edit: How is PG-13 Clothing a mystery? Nobody complains (except bob) when the deaths and horrible wounds are not being accurately shown, but when a boob is covered it somehow becomes a thing?
Edit2: for me This Is the End was also top5 geek movie this year.

So good. Looks like they all had a lot of fun.

Loved the panel! Maybe someday I'll be in one of these Expos, but until then, AWESOME JOB, GUYS!

Oh god, the obnoxious "WOOO!" at 22:55 is me... I just can't contain myself when people utter the words "Evil Dead."

I also disagreed with Lisa about Pacific Rim, but I still respect her opinion. Either I'm growing as a person or Lisa is just so damned awesome I can't get worked up over it.

I'm having trouble downloading the video on Itunes. Is something wrong with that version?

Don't give Disney ideas about midichlorians, they might just buy Star Trek from Paramount.

Please Please Please, begging, can you guys use the technicians and equipment that you usually use for the regular vids on the website? Whatever you're using on the expo obviously have very poor quality.

Edit: I wished the weekly pod cast is as fun as this vid, and I wish this vid got the pod cast's sound quality.

It works now. Whatever you guys did worked. Now I can download. Thank you.

P.S. Great panel.

Don't know about others, but I can't watch it, once it gets to about 1:30 it starts spazzing out on me.

I must admit I don't watch No Right Answer, so I just have to ask... Dan's real name is Harry Potter, right?

I was at the panel and watched it during the Expo. In all honesty, I was a little surprised that Kick-ass 2 wasn't mentioned.

Wreck it Ralph was a fantastic movie.

Oh goody, more harping on Man of Steel. wunderbar. But at least the rest of the video was funny. It was odd that Lisa used movies she DID NOT see.


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