Escapist Podcast: 112: The Escapist Podcat Live

112: The Escapist Podcat Live

Watch the Escapist editorial crew do what they do best, make Paul Goodman uncomfortable. We'll talk about what's happened at the Expo so far, take user questions directly from the crowd, and be thankful we're not stuck to our chairs in a hot room. Cute pictures of animals would be appreciated, or you can just bring the animals themselves!

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Well that was kind of... odd.

Loved the podcast, it's nice to have one where there is such a large number of you. Which probably wouldn't be practical in ordinary circumstances.

The Escapist does a Podcat now? And a live one at that!


This podcast feels very different than the regular podcasts. I would love to see more podcasts with the whole gang.

This was such a great podcast to see live, almost like a comedy show, with the people we've learned to know and love from all the other podcasts! :)

A Victorian space sim?

You mean like:

Because if you do, I am willing to throw more money than is sensible at it. Admittedly t... ..Tito is twerk... ..oh dear.

Now I need brain bleach, thanks O'Tito.


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