Escapist News Now: NYCC 2013 - Cosplay in Motion!

NYCC 2013 - Cosplay in Motion!

Check out some of the best cosplay from New York Comic Con 2013! Which one is your favorite?

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Loved the guy at about 60 seconds who couldn't decide and had the AssassinsCreed robe, master chief helmet, Hyrulian shield etc etc xD
Very clever!

Gah, figures they do this the day(s) I can't be there. All the awesome stuff happened after Thursday. Damn you quickly selling tickets!

I would like to see the "full" FF7-Vincent!
Aside from him, I don't know what it was at 1:57 but damn: expanding wings? nice work!

Blade Wolf officially has the best costume of the lot. Holy hell that was cool.

Video 101:

1) Get that stupid giant "NYCC COSPLAY" banner off of the video. It just blocks part of the costumes.
2) You realize people put work into more than their shoulders and head, right? Cause, a lot of the shots were of just that. Zoom out, lets see the whole costume.
3) Stop moving the camera so much and so fast. Most of these people have put work into poses and/or moves to show things off. Just stay still and let them do their thing. The audience gets to see more and clearer that way.

I really don't like the whole "Stare at the camera while I walk past you" shots.


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