Escapist News Now: Wii U Indie Game Round-Up

Wii U Indie Game Round-Up

Andrea checks out some of the latest indie games on the Wii U.

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Well, they look like fun games I'd enjoy on my tablet. Still a little much to ask customers to buy into a console for this alone (per the title in the link to the video).

Still, hopefully there will be enough titles to make the purchase worth it, and the price drop helps.

My current hit list for Wii-U: Bayonetta 2, X, Fire Emblem: The Next One (if they can manage to drop one on not-DS).

Promising, but still not worth a console buy. Then again, if I am honest, I don't really have that many next-gen titles I am looking forward to yet.

Right now, it's only Watch Dogs and Witcher 3, both which will make it to PC. By that logic, I'd be better off BUYING the Wii-U than I would XBONE, as there's more titles I already know I care for...still not enough though...

Hmm...perhaps my $400 might be better spent sprucing up my PC...

It's funny how all of these games are coming out on PC too, so they don't matter if you're a PC gamer, as with the upcoming consoles. Then again, these games can probably be played with a sideways NES-style Wiimote only on Wii U, so there's that.


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