Escapist News Now: NYCC 2013 - Insane Cosplay!

NYCC 2013 - Insane Cosplay!

Check out more of New York Comic Con's best cosplay! Which one is your favorite?

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Lotta Harley Quinns in these videos/galleries. I'm still looking for a couple friends of mine who went as Two-Face and Penguin. :P

I love all the Borderlands cosplays, especially how they imitate the cell-shaded graphics. If I ever cosplay, it will be from that game.

That Arkham Asylum Scarecrow was really good. The Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay was pretty good too.

Army of Darknesss Ash - 1
Pokemon Ash - 0

In this video, there is one clear winner. Hail to the king, baby.

HA! That scarecrow at the very end was me lol WIP pics to those interested

HA! That scarecrow at the very end was me lol WIP pics to those interested

That's awesome! Thanks for posting and welcome top to the Escapist!


Ok, so as I'm coming from a country where cosplaying is far from popular or common...sadly it's mostly due to lack of bigger comic/movie/nerdy style events, the whole logistics of it kind of confuse me.

Do people come in costumes to the event, drive in a car or ride in public transport and such, or do they change into costume when they get there? If they change on spot, what do they do with their "regular" clothes? Do they go to stands to get their stuff signed or to buy stuff, or just walk around taking pictures with other visiotrs? Are they paid or get free tickets, do you need a license/permission/registration or is it just a regular visitor with a costume?

...or am I just overcomplicating things and it's on a person to person basis?

I recognized the girl at 1:45 from here

She's a really talented costume and make up artist

favorite for me was the Kiyoshi warriors, but props the the chestburster guy, and the pair with metal/sword angel wings - very striking look.


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