Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Underrated Zombie Games

Top 5 Underrated Zombie Games

With The Walking Dead fresh in everyone's mind and zombies in just about every game imaginable, some little gems slip through the cracks. So Lisa counts down the most criminally underrated zombie games.

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Ugh. So. Sick. Of. Zombies.

Seriously. I'd vote for more things on Greenlight if it weren't for ALL THE FREAKIN' ZOMBIE GAMES.

Okay. Done now.

Off-topic: Experian can kiss my ass.

I had an idea for a "zombie" game that was kinda like Stubs, but not as cartoonish.

I was sitting watching this one wondering when Stubbs would turn up.

Such a good game! I'm surprised you missed out some of the plot details though - such as how he contaminates a water plant to make more Zombies...

Oh man. I love Stubbs.
Such a fun game.

For me nothing beats House of the Dead.

Stubbs the Zombie was one of my favorite games for the original Xbox. Good choice!

Dat zombie. I'd double-tap that...

Also yay for The Walking Dead :3

Shame that Dead Head Fred is a PSP game, I kind of want to play it.

I am surprised midevil didn't come up though I dunno if that would count as being underrated?

So glad to see Stubbs on this list. It doesn't get nearly enough love.

And not one of them was on the Playstation home console in any capacity. Damn it.

Haha, Baron Saturday. I wonder how many people caught the Voodoo reference when they played.

Fucking thank you Lisa! I loved Stubbs! and I was so SICK of being the only person who ever played it! It was a player controlled zombie in Fallout universe ten years before the bombs drop. It was so amazing and epic! Too short, yes, but what I did have...oh man, its did 100% perfectly!

I still have Stubbs The Zombie on Xbox which is one of the few games that works properly on the 360. A fantastic game.

What sucks is Stubbs isn't available for purchase on steam anymore

Yep, so I hadn't heard of any of these games. I'm not a zombie hipster, hooray!

I may have to check out Stubbs.

got stubbs my self on pc. played it a lot actually and enjoyed the humor. the rest, never heard of and not available on pc either.

I would say game 4 is more akin to Crash TV.

Zombies can be fun, but nothing is done with them. I would have like a game thats like Dead Island without all the bullshit "special" zombies. An make it more about you surviving, make food and sleep a thing. An give you the ability to barricade places for your own safety. Not just shoot all zombies, rinse and repeat.

There was one game called Possession that was never finished where it was more of an rts game where you, as a zombie, could attack and turn people into zombies to build up your army. Sounded good.

Stubs was the first Zombie game I ever played... and I still have to thank G4 for showing my that game during one of their Cinematech episodes...

In fact, all of those games, except for the point-and-click one, I already knew about and have definitely played number 4, 2, and 1 on separate occasions...

Well, it looks like I'm 4/5th of a Zombie hipster, then... "Well, okay then..."

I never beat Little Red Riding-hood's Zombie BBQ, might have to go back and fix that.

Wow I want to play a couple of these, especially Stubbs. Will be trying to find it this weekend.

I still remember playing the original Resident Evil and the dog breaking through the window and me.. er um.. never mind..

Came here expecting to find Stubbs The Zombie, and you do not disappoint :)

Oh and for anyone who can't get it to work on Windows 7 or 8 64-bit, here are some instructions:
for nVidia gamers
for ATI gamers

Plus one extra:
How to get bigger/widescreen resolutions (by hex editing)
Bare in mind this game uses Vert- so anything beyond 16:9 such as 21:9 will not work as good as you'll lose parts of the top and bottom. On 48:9 (nVidia surround) it is practically unplayable :(

Underrated? They are all overrated.


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