Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: Friends at the End

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Friends at the End

Put on your poetry hats and join two of the greatest wordsmiths of our generation as they fill your ears with verse.

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Love you guys.

Both well done this time. I can't decide.

I think Jim's got this one

Gonna need me a saints row mod where I can recreate Jim with a dewgong strap-on thong. My game will never be complete without it.

I always knew there was something sinister about microtransactions. They must be more sinister than I thought if they can cheat death.

Gotta say, both of these were brilliant. Hats off lads!

Gonna need me a saints row mod where I can recreate Jim with a dewgong strap-on thong. My game will never be complete without it.

I'll fund a Kickstarter to add that mod to every game possible.

Loved you're finisher Yahtzee. The whole thing was great, but I loved how you combined the old "leave money on the dead's faces" tradition and combined it with micro-transactions to have the character cheat Death.

As for yours, Jim. :D That must have been one BIG squirtle! ;D


Pfft... please, Jim. Squirtle-shell is so last season. Wartortle is where it's at. Bigger, more comfortable, just as protective if not more so, and with its adorable little furry tail decor (with matching fuzzy squirrel-ear accessorize)... and not ostentatious like a Blastoise or Torterra shell. (ugh, gawdy cannons and bonsai trees on your head and back? what is this, feudal Japan?) As a deeper blue, it provides some lovely accents for that Pikachu hat, and could go nicely with that Slowpoke ensemble as well (though not at the same time, that would be hideous).

Maybe microtransactions aren't so bad after all if you can use them to cheat death.

This is very quickly becoming my favourite feature, both were excellent again this week.

It shows how long it has been since I played Pokemon though, I didn't recognise any of the names beyond the ones from the original games set in Johto.

When exactly do they do these? The Critical Miss strip only came out yesterday.

On another note, given what Jim produces normally, I'm slightly dreading what he'll make for halloween.

Thinking about it, Meowth pants would be cream coloured. And you call yourself stylish.

Sad Yahtzee is sad. =(

And what is this? A Jim Sterling poem that doesn't end in sexual perversion? Christmas has come early! ;P jk

Although, given your topic, don't be surprised if PETA ends up giving you a call. Then again, does anybody give a fuck what PETA has to say about anything?

Mr. Q:
Sad Yahtzee is sad. =(

And what is this? A Jim Sterling poem that doesn't end in sexual perversion? Christmas has come early! ;P jk

Where do you think he was wearing the Squirtle shell? >D

Loved both of them, and was Jim's poem supposed to be a reference to "See my Vest" from The Simpsons? I mean killing Pokémon and turning them into clothes was the thing, right?

Jim should sing that poem, it reminded me of mr.burns http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H4FHrzyE84c

Got to say i think Yathzee is getting better at this
I actual really liked that poem
and not just as a silly poem about gaming but as poem in its own right

Props to Yahtzee for cleverness, but Jim wins for the audacity. I'm wearing my Dewgong thong right now.

I suppose Pokemon X has really hit home with people. My friend who bought it said the same things, especially about the hat prices. Not so much the bed of Dragonite, but anyway.
Loved both your poems this week. Yahtzee's tale was great fun, and the pokeclothes are turning into a running escapist gag of sorts. Who'd come up with a Dewgong thong but Jim?

I knew Jim's poem was going to go bad (or good?) when he mentioned the prices on hats. I was not disappointed, pure brilliance. I also love the game so I guess that might be part of why I loved it though...

Man, Jim, I'm surprised at you. That could have gone to such worse places that this seemed pretty tame. I almost closed the browser by reflex upon hearing lickitongue's name, but was readily astonished when it was just a good poop joke!

Not much of a pokefan, but my vote's on Jim this week. Lost it at "...and ten Meowths died for my pants."

Jim... you trying to look more eccentric and brooding?
With that crazy hairstyle and the darkened room even though it's daytime.

Yesss! Thank god, I needed my fix.

How much outrage would there be if there was actually a... uh, "Trade pokemon for character clothing of the style of that pokemon" option in the game?

Excellently done, both of you. Yahtzee with the voice of Death and Jim describing his Pokewardrobe. It was the little things that made them work, like playing Word with Friends on Facebook with Death, sharing his scores with the other 3 Horsemen, and the speaker using the coins on his eyes to pay a microtransaction. Jim should have sung his poem.

*Hears Jim's poem*

See my vest, see my vest, made of real Mankey chest...I'm sorry, I don't know what brought that on.

Both good ones, thanks guys!!!
Keep it up!

When I read Jim's twitter post saying Critical Miss inspired this peom, I was wondering what that would be until now.
Both poems were great as always.

Ok, Hats off to Mr. Croshaw for that one. Every single line was gold to me. I could feel my face start off at a smirk then work it's way to a full grin as I tried to hold back laughter by the end. There needs to be some way of sending virtual applause.

Was anyone else afraid that Jim's was going to end in a refrain of his Miltank poem?

I enjoyed both of those once again this week. Thanks for being continually entertaining.

There is an NPC in X who mentions she collects skin shed by Pokemon to make shoes.
Sure, shed skin...

Also I visited a restaurant and they fed me Slowpoke-tail...

And I think I found some other reference to eating Pokemon, but can't remember what it was.

Nice one Jim, now where is the new Podtoid?

Once again, both demonstrate their skill at poetry with Jim as the most deranged.

That's even better than the old Pokerap Jim (yeah I said it), but all I'm reminded of is Mr.Burn's "See my Vest".

Yahtzee's was awesome, possible one of the best so far. It was especially genius if you understand the words he used.

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