EXP: Do's and Dont's - "The Internet"

Do's and Dont's - "The Internet"

Suzie learns how the Internet can solve her fat girl problems.

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My favourite episode by far. This show has got some pretty sharp writing sometimes and consistently good production values compared to a lot of animated shows that used to be on this site.

A lot of effort has gone into this show and it's nice to see something that pushes the boat out a little in terms of poking fun at how fucking weird people on the internet are by and large.

I was expecting a lot of people getting really upset by this cartoon. I'm guessing it haven't come across the radar of any faux ragers yet.

The sad part about the cartoon is that people have justified being overweight with silly arguments like "being fat is the next step in evolution."

This is a great commentary about how we are abusing ourselves with technology instead of using it as a valuable tool.


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