8 Weird Animals You Have Not Seen

No love for chupacabra

This reminded me of this week's Mental Floss

Gallery of the day (Australian edition)

I'd include a picture of a dropbear but no one has successfully photoed one yet.

You know, the thing that always annoyed the hell out of me about crypto-zoology is not the fact that some people are searching for these implausible and/or silly things (they can do whatever they want in their free time after all), but the ridiculous amount of media circus they make out of it.

Sure, look for the yeti or Nessi or whatever, but stop making TV shows and "documentaries" and books about it! Come back when you actually find something, would you? Is is really too much to ask...?

On that point, I see less and less reason for the existence of "Gallery of the Day" by the, well, day...
I mean, you have to scrape the bottom of the barrel pretty hard to think that UMAs and crypto-zoology is a valid theme. Or is it just me?

Wait, there's rumoured to be a thing called a death worm that looks like that and can apparently spit acid and lightning? Okay, what video game did it escape from?

Pontiac made the Firebird not the Thunderbird, that was the Ford motor company.

I never saw a purple cow,
Our scientists can't make one;
But photoshop I'm launching now,
I'll see if I can't fake one.

I really hate this series. they're not insightful or funny, and in this case, aren't even true. I do not understand why the Escapist keeps hosting what is practically a 9gag post from a ten year old.

8 Weird Animals You Have Not Seen

With the discovery of the 18-foot Oarfish let's celebrate weird animals and the fact that they may or may not exist.

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