Escapist News Now: Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation

Elder Scrolls Online Character Creation

Creating your unique character is one of the best things about mmo's for a lot of players and Zenimax Studios did not hold back on options.

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Neat. Hopefully they will allow some kind of restyle option in game (ie not for real money). If so I'll be spending way too much time playing with my character's looks.

Problem is, with armor and people running around, people will barely notice everyone's extensive work creating their faces.

I like the direction they've taken their Kajiit. I know they're supposed to be dirty thieves and whatnot, but from what I saw they've been given a more noble, lion-like aesthetic.

I like the idea of playing an elf, but not so much in Elder Scrolls. I applaud Bethesda for not just making mer races "humans, but better", and actually making them look a bit alien and very clearly not human. That said, being a human, I like playing a character who closely resembles one (I mean, would any of us have liked Legolas if he looked like an Altmer?)

So, anyway, I'll probably stick to a Nord, but the designs look impressive enough that I might have a tough time deciding.

Seems rather limited compared to Aion Character creation...... BTW where's the boob slider?

Problem is, with armor and people running around, people will barely notice everyone's extensive work creating their faces.

Yeah, I'd hope that there's a 'hide helmet' option at the very least.

Of course, as it's subscription based, there's a small chance I'll be playing it any time soon (if ever), but I still like the look of it. Such a conundrum. If any game series would make a good MMO it's this, but I don't feel like paying 180 per year for it. Decisions...

Neat-o. Looks like I'll be able to make some pretty cool characters when this goes free to play in 2015.

As far as I'm concerned, I'd rather pay for everyone to be on equal ground with access to everything than f2p.

Even as good as some people say the F2P system is for the very few that get it right, it never goes beyond "grind or pay" because they need some way to make money off of a free game.

It still doesn't compare to Eve Online's character creator, but I guess it makes up for that because you know people see your character as more than just a portrait.

Breton FTW... Love that magic resist and restoration bonus :D Best healer race by far I bet

Thank the Nine Divines that they re-added the dorsal fin hairstyle for the Argonians! Honestly one of the biggest things that turned me off the game. Yes I'm petty.


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