Escapist Podcast: 113: Watch_Dogs Delayed

113: Watch_Dogs Delayed

This week, we discuss New York Comic Con and the Watch_Dogs delay.

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Can't stop laughing!

Hah... welcome back everyone!

Clearly there was a glitch in your systems.

watch dogs is delayed to spring isn't it? Not February? I though someone said April. But I cannot find the reference.

I don't think the podcat has every gone that far off the rails before...

If you want to get into Deadpool, there are a few options:

A. The best recent run was Deadpool & Cable in the 2000's. That had a healthy mix of balancing the clown part of his personality with a few human moments, but has the odd dated references.

B. There was a 63 issue run of Deadpool by Daniel Way. It was a mixed bag of stories that tied up quite nicely. However, since it starts in the middle of the Skrull secret invasion it would require some wider back-story reading.

C. The series was reset again in 2012. I haven't read any of the 18 issues released so far, but it would be a good possible entry point.

D. One-shots. For example Deadpool: Merc with a mouth, where Deadpool teams up with his zombified head from an alternative universe.

Wow. xD That one went places.

You all do go off on tangents, but at least they're usually well constructed tangents. This one was just madness during the glitch part.
:( I really wanted to hear what you all had to say about that....

Other than that, :) the PodCat was great as usual.

Also; Good to know that Janelle trained to be a lawyer since she was in the single digits. You can really tell. ;D

Schuyler. I blame you for me not getting to hear you all talk about the glitchs. Dx So you don't get a hug!

I liked the content, I just wished this Schuyler guy would stop that annoying insane laugh every 10 seconds.

Note: I didn't read everything Deadpool yet, thanks Marvel unlimited.

My favorite Deadpool is "Cruel Summer" .
He's in the middle of his "i skin a kitten to strangle a puppy" beginning (Liefeld 1991, first regularity) to todays split personality like self-talk. And shows he can make puns without a word, loan shark in shark pool.

Good as always. Podcat - your nr.1 source for internet memes, goatscreams as well as all sorts of other randomness. Love it!
The starwars vs GOT thing was pretty damn amusing.

Ok, something bugs me (and has for some time)
Can someone please describe the difference between object and just a person when it comes to gender issues?
Every time I hear "objectification" I'm puzzled
Because every time it seems that action is objectification only because person who is "objectified" doesn't like the person who "objectifies"
When it is opposite, then nobody is objectified and please do it more.
It is really confusing.
So please someone, enlighten me, explain this in details or give few well described links

It was hard to finish this PodCat when you went off on a tangent (mostly laughing that got a bit obnoxious) every couple of minutes. I understand that you go off on tangents more often than not, and I enjoyed them in earlier PodCats, but these tangents just had nothing to do with anything you were talking about. Why did you need to have half a dozen political jokes inserted here and there?

Sad to see the glitch segment totally gone because of it. Maybe last week's episode will download correctly, and without its own glitch, with a bit better time management. Really, the only PodCat I was ever frustrated with.


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