8 Cartoonish Pets You Wish You Had

8 Cartoonish Pets You Wish You Had

Everyone appreciates their pets, and many appreciate pets even when they're fictional. Sit back and enjoy the nostalgia that'll rush over you.

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Hey now, if we are going to include robots and dogs then we need a character who is a robot and a dog.

I don't think many people would want to touch Lemmiwinks after where he has been...

I want a Yoshi...

Mwbwah? What's up with all these Cracked titles?

Anyways, none of these are any pets I particularly wish I had. That dinosaur would be a nightmare to feed, that robot far too high maintenance, and all the others are just regular pets I could buy from a store.

But I'd love Poochie. Everybody loves Poochie.

No no no no no no no no NO! I WOULD NOT want Nermal as a pet.

I'd rather have one of the entries from the previous gallery as a pet.

Nope, wouldn't want any of those. I'd rather have Jake form Advanture Time, or Pikachu form pokemon, Kirara from Inuyasha, Philomena from mlp, Blair from Soul Eater...


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