LoadingReadyRun: The Hero We Deserve

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Really funny! This is my favorite sketch in a while, too.

best video for ages. several laugh out loud moments, particularly gas can cam.


Who will stop the Orphan Arsonist now?

I have to say it. Lady Landline has my heart ringing. From the moment I saw her, I knew she had my number. From the sultry dial tone of her voice, to her diabolical service plan to rule the world. Perhaps some day, I can reach out and touch her, and we can get busy signal.

I want to be Lady Landline when I grow up.

I love how Cam was looking for an orphanage and when he got the direction picked up a can of gasoline. Nice touch!

Didn't think I'd see that "Steak Pork's Plank-Fried Jack Butt" logo ever again...

I've actually used "Guy with a Smartphone Man" before in games of Weird Superheroes. Fun times.

That was pretty damn good. XD

Now for the sequel:

Guy with a Cell Phone Man and Pager Lad in A Prison Cell Without Bars

I know I'm not the only one who went "AWWWWWWWWW!" when they said there is no next time.

That awesome alliteration was in a supremely Stan Lee-like style. Excelsior!

Looks like I am among kindred spirits at wanting to see more of the thrilling adventures of Guy with a Cell Phone Man!

Seriously, bring him and Lady Landline back :P

Missie Peters and Paul were fantastic (and James is perfect as always)- great job on the costumes guys!

I trust that the Loading Time for this shall be most intriguing.....

That comment at the end mentioning roasting marshmallows over the pyre of his used-to-be house to cheer him up cracked me up :)

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