Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Old School Batman Games

Top 5 Old School Batman Games

Lisa gets out her batarang to give us a great look at the best Batman games of yore.

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I am a little surprised Batman on the NES was not on here...

No NES Batman? FAIL.

I can still remember the horror of Batman on our Commodore 64. Of my entire household only one of us ever got past the first level. And that only happened once.

I can still remember the horror of Batman on our Commodore 64. Of my entire household only one of us ever got past the first level. And that only happened once.

Having only played the amiga 500 version (improved driving and flying) I can say that I at least completed that a few times.

Batman TAS for the gameboy...first game I played through to the end. Even sometimes played it with my cousin (one played Robin's, which btw are harder, the other played Batman's levels).

Hah! The MK Batman. so bad.
I reeeally liked Batman Returns because not only was it a relatively faithful movie adaptation but it was actually good! The game had all those cool movie moments, like when batman cracks the clown's skull with a piece of wall behind him. There were interactive environment pieces in every level so I wasn't just using a standard move set - I could throw enemies into walls or windows n such.

And yea, no NES game is just not right. Sure it was kinda a Castlevania knockoff with batarangs and wall-jumping but I'd take it any day over any gameboy offering, teddybears or not. The last boss was Joker with that silly long-barreled pistol, such a cheap weapon but I'd still play that game again today.

Is this a trend? Lisa has a Batman Pinball machine on her Top 5 Old School Batman games list and last week TotalBiscuit called the new Star Wars pack for Pinball FX2 the best Star Wars game he's played in a while. Yea, pinball!

Never played any of those games. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever played a Batman video game. Huh.

Also, everyone makes fun of the "Swear to me!" moment, but I honestly don't even remember it. All I remember disliking was that the sex scene felt like it had no reason to be included other than to be included and that-

Captcha is "haters gonna hate." Somewhat apropos. you mean to tell me Batman...1989 Batman...has an SNES game?! I have some hunting to do. Also, NES Batman would have been on my list but I completely failed to consider Game Boy or Commadore titles.

As someone who's played the Sega Megadrive version of Batman Forever, I can indeed confirm that it's horrible. You could collect new gadgets if you could find them but they were never explained, meaning that I could never figure out how to use them.

Why are neither of the Arkham games on there?

Numbers 3 and 1: awesome to the max!!!!
Especially 3, even though the difficulty got INSANE.... :S

"SWEAR TO ME!" Oh Lisa. As threatening as a menacing kitten.

Batman Returns is the only one I ever played. I remember breezing through it rather quickly as a rental. I probably couldn't get past the first stage these days.

With no NES Batman and no Return/Revenge of the Joker, this is probably the first Top 5 I would actually rate as a Fail.

Where are they? Where are the lists about Batman?

*watches video*

I love the Batvoice.

I approve of this list because it's got the C64 version in it.

The oldest Batman Video Game I remember playing was this one B:TAS one on the Game Gear. Anyone else remember that one?

The C64 Batman: The Movie was probably one of the best games on the waning days of the system. Played through it several times. Remarkably good soundtrack, as well, even if it didn't get to use the Elfman movie score.

The 1986 Batman for the ZX Spectrum. Created by Jon Ritman and Bernie Drummond - two geniuses of their day - they took Ultimate's monumentally successful isometric formula (Knight Lore, Alien 8, Pentagram et al) and redefined it. Obviously they would refine it even further a couple of years later with the still sublime Head Over Heels, but Batman really got it going - although admittedly it's pretty much only a Batman game in name, missing the Rogues Gallery that has always truly made The Bat famous.

The 1989 Batman (the one that saw a C64 airing here) also got a Speccy rendition, and was generally held to be pretty good - although maybe not quite up to the level of the aforementioned Robocop.

1988 also saw Batman: The Caped Crusader, which was fairly shite, although arguably closer to the comics than any other iteration.

I don't think I've played any of those. In fact I think the oldest Batman game I've played is that one on either the Gamecube or Playstation 2 (I forget which) I think it was called Batman: Vengeance. It was cool that it featured voices from the Animated Series, but I don't remember getting very far on it.

You know I see a few responses on here for the Batman NES game, but I have to disagree. I had that game for years and was consistently frustrated by its hit-or-miss platforming controls. It was sometimes like playing Castlevania only without the fun and add in Medusa-like cheapness while jumping. I was a bit younger and perhaps my frustration got the better of me, but I did finish games like Rygar and Ghosts n' Goblins with less trouble, both being notoriously hard and I love those two games.

Lisa, your mention of a good Commodore 64 title gave me a happeh. Thank you.

While I hadn't played it, I'll see about rectifying that sometime. That 1988 title Batman: The Caped Crusader title by Ocean was also a lot of fun, even if awfully complicated.

I played the hell out of Return of the Joker on the NES.
Strangely, it had nothing really to do with Batman...except Batman was in it...and it was awesome.

The NES batman is THE batman game that come to mind for me when someone says batman video game.

This also reminds me of just how many terrible batman games there were. I mean, terrible games.

How can you not add NES batman to the list. It was one of the best games of that generation and the soundtrack was luxurious.

Seriously listen to it:

Just gives you goosebumps


Why are neither of the Arkham games on there?

Because they're modern, not old-school.

I'm confused as to why the C64 version made the list ahead of the vastly improved Amiga 500 version. It was clearly better on the side scrolling parts, not just the flying/driving missions.

The rest of them were all a bit crap.

No NES Batman and no Megadrive Batman?

Give over lol.

I don't get why Vengeance gets so much crap from people. I'm saying this because Lisa used a short clip from it when talking about the bad batman games and because I've heard a lot of people saying it's awful. I remember playing it as a kid while watching the cartoon and I loved it because they used the voice actors from the show and you could drive the bat-mobile and the bat-wing and fist-fight with some of the iconic baddies. The controls were kinda' bad on a keyboard but I bypassed that with a gamepad from genius :P

What more could SNES fans want? well for this one, for people to stop pronouncing it "snes", sounds like a lazy sneeze. We all said the letters when I was growing up. Ess en e ess.

Fun fact: The Adventures of Batman & Robin's cutscenes (Sega CD) didn't have to abide by Warner Animation's standards for violence on television, as it wasn't for TV. So they are a bit more violent than the show (Audio is a bit crap though).

LOL she pronounced Batanrangs wrong.

Was always SNES and not S N E S round my way...

The batman LCD watch game was robbed! Robbed I tell you!


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